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Ballet flats

  • I love the way ballet flats look, but they always rub and make my tootsies tender. Tricks or tips, anyone?
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  • secret socks!! those little footie socks that save your toes and are hidden by the shoe! some, however, come up too far on yoru foot so you have to look for ones that have a larger opening and just cover yoru heal and toes! they are awesom!
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  • How do they rub? I need more info to give better "advice"!

    1. Look for something with a slightly wider toe box if toe "pinching" is more of the problem.

    2. Mole Skin! On the shoe where it rubs, not on your foot.

    3. If the shoes are not plastic, take them to a cobbler and get them spot-stretched. This works particularly well for bunions or if a shoe is just a mite too tight in one or two spots. It's a cheap way (maybe, like, $5 per pair...?) to make a pair of shoes work. Some nicer shoe stores will do it for free, if they have the tools.

    Let me know if that doesn't cover it. I'm a wealth of info on "shoe disorders"!
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  • I had no idea there was such a thing as "spot stretching". So many possibilities!
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  • wow i didnt realize there even WAS a wealth of info on 'shoe disorders' LOL!! any other good tips we should know? ooh maybe you should write an article on how to get the perfect fit!!!
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  • I adore Ballet flats as well... and wear them much to my dismay! I have found that the little hidden socklets work nicely!... also, stores like Nordstrom will stretch your natural leather shoes as part of their excellent customer service! They often do this for me with my Danskos! Also, you can try baby powder in your shoes if you are anti-sock... keep in mind though... it feels nice in the shoe, but if you take your shoes off you have white feet!!!
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  • In another lifetime, I spent many hours in ballet class. I have wide feet, and the pointe shoes and slippers were brutal for me. I (and many other dancers) used to wrap lambswool around my toes to provide cushioning and reduce friction.

    Now, though, I think "Secret socklets" are the way to go. If you can't find them in stores you can make them -- just cut away a few pairs of cheap nylon knee-high (you can get them at many drugstores for 50 cents or less per pair).
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Lylah M. Alphonse on 7th November 2007
  • The baby powder or talc can work for a little while, but then the powder mixes with your sweat and dead skin cells and forms a paste that stays FOREVER if it dries (at least in my experience, but maybe I'm extra gross...?). The best use for talc in shoes is a little sprinkle under your insole to temporarily get rid of squeaks (you know those squeaks- the ones you just can't figure out where they're coming from). It doesn't always work, but it's worth a try.

    The little socks are great- there are so many styles now. Cutting down knee-high nylons has never worked for me. I end up with a crumpled little ball of nylon down at the toe of the shoe and nothing where the shoe is actually rubbing. Something that is made for that purpose will cause a lot less frustration, I think.

    I worked in shoe boutiques for a number of years before quitting retail. I've sold everything from the most comfortable orthotics to people with serious foot issues to $500 stilettos to people with serious shoe buying issues. I certainly don't know it all, but I'm happy to share what I do.
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  • Wow. You guys are amazing. I agree: Heels, you should write an article for us all to enjoy!

    My problem spots are 1) the sensitive skin on the sides of my heels and 2) my two smallest toes on my right foot. Those toes were broken when I was a teenager and healed crooked thanks to a doctor who I now realize had no clue what he was doing. Sigh...

    I will try the secret socks. I guess I find they often poke out and are visible, which I hate!

    I had no idea about spot stretching. Thanks for that tip!! That could be the solution in future for my poor little crooked toes.

    Thanks everyone!!
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  • Spot stretching, also known as bunion stretching. I like to call it spot stretching because it works for problems other than bunions. You can find the tool here. Scroll down to "Bunion Stretcher." Probably not a bad price if you think you'll use it a lot, but I don't really know for sure. When I worked at the full-service shoe store I used this tool for ALL KINDS of issues. It was my favorite fix!
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