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What's on your Thanksgiving menu?

  • We have two Thanksgivings, one with my family and another with my husband's. I do a portion of the cooking for my family's celebration (at my parents house, a week or two before Thanksgiving itself) and we usually have about three different kinds of meat and a bunch of other things.

    On Thanksgiving day, I'll have a full house of my own, plus a few extra guests. We're making a turkey, a ham, sweet potatoes, rice, two kinds of stuffing (one that's gluten free), cranberries, collard greens (my husband was born in NY, but he's got some southern roots), and probably something else... oh yes, plenty of deserts!

    What are you planning to make?
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  • This year everyone in the family has to make a dish (except the little kids, of course). My family has started a tradition of monthly experimental dinners where we choose a theme and each person has to make a dish. So far we've done Thai, Spanish tapas, Italian, and Cajun. This month will be Thanksgiving. The only rule is that we can't have made it before.

    We'll have a turkey done pretty traditionally, but other than that- I don't know! It'll be a surprise! But if it's anything like our other dinners it will be fabulous.
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  • Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, cranberries, gravy, rolls, and pumpkin pie. All homemade except the stuffing. I only like Stove Top....
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  • I'll be making the vegetarian portion of the meal. My MIL will handle the rest. I'll be making squash casserole, baked beans, gravy, baked tofu, and marinated vegetables. Yum Yum Yum. I'm getting excited already.
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  • Oh no, I'm not ready to start thinking about Thanksgiving. Darn. We're so laid back about it that we haven't discussed it with the rest of the family so I don't even know where we'll be this year, here or the in-laws. Crazy!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Mandy Nelson - Dandysound on 10th November 2007
  • mamajama! you are veggie too?! i think i may be in charge of the veggie portion at my thanksgiving too! i need to talk to my SIL and see what i can do I did just buy some stuffing bread/spices and going to try to make it with veggie broth and see how it tasts yum!

    other than that i have no idea what will be on the menu since i am attending
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