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Plastic or Glass Milk Bottles?

  • What is your preference? Which one would you go with and why?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Victoria on 15th November 2007
  • Do you mean baby bottles? If so then, as many of us have experienced, it ends up being up to the kid. My girls didn't want bottles so I had to experiment with every kind and every nipple. Made a good friend in the BRU (babies r us) nipple aisle, though! She was going through the same thing.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Mandy Nelson - Dandysound on 15th November 2007
  • I used plastic and was very happy with them (well, as happy as I could be with bottles). My son could hold them easily and nipples were cheap to replace (which was important to me). Plus, my husband couldn't break them!

    Is there any reason you would be leaning toward the glass?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by heels on 15th November 2007
  • be careful with plastic because of leeching of chemicals from the plastic. there's a company called born free that makes non-leaching plastic bottles....also glass, probably the best option but not as practical as plastic..
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  • My OB said that certain proteins that babies need from breast milk tend to stay on glass bottles, so she said plastic would be best...BUT never microwave! I also have Born Free bottles ready for the arrival our little one. You can purchase them online at, or stores, and I think WholeFoods actually has them in the stores. Since we're on the topic of feeding...what's the different nipple levels or cuts (X and Y)?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by TeacherMom on 27th November 2007
  • Yes - I've heard great things about born free .... they supposed to be great for colic babies.... but i was really surprised how expensive those bottles are... I wonder why? I'm thinking of giving it a try.... although my dr. brown's seem to work just fine...
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Victoria on 2nd December 2007
  • Born-free are made with a different kind of plastic that doesn't leach into the milk when the bottles are heated.

    Medela bottles (that come with the medela pump or can be purchased separately) are alos made with the safer plastic.

    there are no specific medical illnesses associated with the "bad" plastic
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by MsMD310 on 22nd December 2007
  • The polycarbonate bottles are the ones that contain BPA in the plastic. These are hard, really clear plastic. The bottles made out of the softer, more hazy/milky plastic are okay. These include the regular old Gerber bottles, Medela bottles, and Playtex Drop-ins (well the drop-in liners have no BPA, the outside bottle part probably does). We plan to use both of these again with our second. Can't afford the Born-free ones and glass seems to dangerous with our tile floors.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by biomom on 26th December 2007
  • So we just tried Born-free bottles and we actually didn't like them - I saw a lot of bubbles coming up while feeding my son and he was very gassy afterwards... so we are back to dr. browns.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Victoria on 2nd January 2008

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