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who loves the holidays? oh oh oh i do! i do!

  • let's list all the fun and wonderful things about the holidays!

    i'll start - i love the local tree lighting ceremonies and decorations!!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kate on 16th November 2007
  • I love the decorations too!

    I think what I love most though is sitting by the fire at my in-laws' and pumpkin pie!!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by mamajama on 16th November 2007
  • I love the presents.....the decorating of the tree....
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  • My oldest is turning 2 in December, so I´m really looking forward to stockings now that he´s big enough to enjoy digging all the treasures out! Having kids makes Christmas 100 times better.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Genesis on 16th November 2007
  • This holiday season is especially precious to me... we'll be celebrating with our new son! Bring the whole new meaning to the holiday season!!!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Victoria on 16th November 2007
  • MMMM, I love the holidays, 1st my daughters birthday is Dec 16th mine is New Years Day.

    I love how nice everone is to each other.

    I love Snow, lights, getting the tree, decorating, I love christmas music, the smell of cookies, and applesauce cakes

    I love laying in the dark with only the Christmas Tree lit.

    I love the sparkle of my kids eyes as they open the presents

    I love going to a live Nativity in the middle of an orchard cold and heck and thinking my toes are going to fall off.

    I love to make letters from Santa and deliver them in the dark to my kids as well as my families kids and friends kids....operation mrs c

    I love remembering my favorite Christmas at home and the best presnt I ever got

    I love mittens and turtlenecks

    I love picking out the best christmas cards

    I love making presents for my friends

    I love watching te kids get to the bottom of their stocking to find a gold dollar coin!

    As you can see this by far is my very very favorite holiday!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kim Begnaud on 17th November 2007
  • i love the decorations..ours, our neighbors, around town..

    The kids are magic--generous, greedy, excited! Big, shiny eyes!!

    I love watching the Christmas Story for 24 hours straight on TV. We chant the lines

    I love decorating our tree. Every ornament has a story and the boys tell each one as they put them up (it's their tradition-makes me teary eyed to listen)

    I love watching them set up 'nests' under the tree.

    I love baking cookies with my son

    I love the cold and the snow (I do, really!)

    I love visiting the lighthouse (Portland Head Light) just before christmas

    The music!! and the Christmas specials (Rudolph and Charlie Brown)

    I love spending Christmas with my sister in law--we have a huge bonfire Christmas night and laugh and laugh and eat too much...

    I love the christmas cards.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by OliveMartini on 17th November 2007
  • I love new and old Christmas traditions and making them all meld together.

    I love the cold and snow, too.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Mandy Nelson - Dandysound on 18th November 2007
  • Olivemartini,

    Do they put a wreath on the lighthouse? You can tell I live inland!lolol And in my I see wreaths on covered bridges and barns.....
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kim Begnaud on 19th November 2007
  • i also love all the christmas music! my hubby just made me a CD with all my favs SO EXCITED!!!! I can't wait to start teaching our son to sing christmas songs!!!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kate on 20th November 2007

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