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  • My name is Crystal. I am a mom and step mom to five wonderful kids. Two boys and three girls. I work in the insurance industry primarily, but have recently ventured off into my own cookware business. I grew up in Sheridan,(near the coast) spent a few years SW but now live near Canby.

    I love to cook, and golf.

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  • I'm Jamie, mom to 5 kids (one of which is my 15 year old sister). My mother is terminally ill with ALS. I work fulltime in government security and am working toward fulltime WAH. I love to read, bake and craft.
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  • Hi Jamie

    Im sorry about your mom. That must be tough.

    Are your plans to do your current job from home? I would eventually like to have the freedom to spend more time at home. I dont know if I would ever be able to be at home full time, though.

    I love to bake too. It is one of my absolute favorite things. Sometimes, we will have baking parties- mixing and stiring. We come up with some very crazy creations! :0 )

    have a great day!
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  • Hello ~

    I'm Jenni and I live in Lake Oswego with my husband of almost 16 years and 3 children (8,5 and 2).

    We moved to the area after my first son was born while I was on maternity leave from my high tech marketing position... and we never left! My parents were here and we really wanted our kids to grow up around them.

    After moving here, we were unemployed for 18 months and have been struggling to get back on our feet ever since. I started my own business in 2004 and we have been blessed to have it double every year since. We are looking forward to finally being out of debt from those 18 months and getting into a house of our own (we are currently renting from my parents).

    I love to snuggle with my kids... get outdoors on a hike... and, dare I say - I love my job

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  • HEY YALL! I've lived here for almost 15 years - awesome!

    I have two children and my hubby and I have been married for 9 years this month!

    I'm a working career mom and proud of it -

    I will not be made to feel guilty because I utilize childcare services!


    working mama in NW
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