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How does your family handle chores?

  • Do you split them up with your partner or spouse? Do kids help? If you're a single mom, how do you manage?

    My husband does a fair amount - laundry is his, so is shopping - although I make up the list. I do all the cooking. We both clean up and have a cleaning person every 2 weeks.
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  • I'll do the cooking, laundry, shopping and other general house stuff like changing the sheets and de-cluttering.

    My husband does the dishes, outdoor chores (mowing, raking, snow removal depending on season), garbage and cleaning the litter box (left over from my pregnancy).

    As for the cleaning, we have someone come in every 2 weeks but we both will straighten up.

    Where I run into problems is finding dedicated time to do my part. My husband will head outside on the weekend and spend hours getting the yard work done. Alone. I do not have the luxury of the alone time. All my chores are done with little ones competing for my attention. Sometime I wish I could spend a few hours outside with nothing but my thoughts to keep me company.
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  • Dorene, I'm with you on your last thought! Last winter for my b-day hubby gave me an ipod. HELLOOO, when can I use that? I don't go to a gym and the one time I took it on a walk some guy tried to mug me. So we take turns with yard work so I get headphone time. As for other tasks, if it needs doing and he's there he will do it. Maybe not how I'd like it done but it gets done. He does primarily deal with the garbage and litter, though and I tend to be the one to clean the bathrooms. Dinner mostly gets put on me since I'm here but when he's around and wants to cook I let him! Plus I always let him pick up the take-out ;).
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  • I am a single parent of a 10 and 8 year old, they have their chores, but it is usually such a battle to get them to do them it is easier to do ti myself. SO....yes I do most everything...I do have a yard service and a pool service but the house I take care of. They do put their laundry away.....sort of....I know this is my fault because I am not consistent about it.
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  • My husband and I developed a "family clean up time" that has been working really well. We feel good about the fact that our children - ages 6, 9, 13, 15 have all learned how to take care of our home, coupled with the fact that we are no longer doing EVERYTHING!!!

    We started last summer and we are still going strong.

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