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  • Let's get to know each other a bit more !

    If you've started your own business, what led you to your idea?

    If you work for someone else, what do you love about your job?

    Add anything else you'd like!!
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  • Hello, all! I just recently started my own interior design business after working in the industry for over 8 years. Over the past couple years I became frustrated with the lack of design that was going into my projects due to the fact that my employer was overbooking me. Since starting my own business I have designed spaces that I LOVE but I am looking for ways to market myself around Ohio. Any ideas?

    My best,
    Virtu Interiors
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  • Hi! I'm new to this site, but I really like what I see! I started my own home-based business less than one year ago. I'm so happy to be doing something I can feel proud of!
    I get to help others get healthy. I am an independant Health Advisor, but I work with a whole team of Advisors, Dr.'s, Nurse's, Nutritionist, etc. that are located all across the U.S. This has been the most rewarding "job" I've ever had. I would love to share more if anyone is intererested! Kim, as far as marketing, there are a lot of networking groups you can join! You might want to check out TRX-The Referral Connection. Hope you will find it useful! I also look for fundraiser events in the area like expos where for a small donation you can attend and display your business. The money goes to the charity. You get to promote your business and help your community. I really enjoy doing those types of events. I've been able to make new friends and grow my business! Good Luck!
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  • hi everyone! I'm new to work it mom but see some familiar faces--- mom2amara, shannon, naomi..... I follow you all on twitter, *lol*.

    I'm a sales director with Mary Kay Cosmetics (, a distributor with Send Out Cards ( and started a blog at

    I also somehow find time to be a full time stay at home mom to my gorgeous twins who are turning 2.

    To answer your question, Naomi, what led me to MK was my desire for a hobby many years ago. That hobby snowballed big time and has become my career--- I quit working in the "real" world and decided being a work at home mom would be the best plan for me. What led me to SOC was the system--- I just wanted to use it to promote MK--- but THAT snowballed and now I'm signing people up as fellow SOC distributors. I love getting to know other work at home moms. Nice to meet you all!

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