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The Juggle

  • The question is, do you juggle work and life or does it juggle you?

    I'm getting juggled and just keeping myself from falling out of the ever rotating hands of work and life just long enough to get around my rotation one more time.
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  • You always make me laugh - thank you

    I am not saying it's funny that life is throwing you around, but you have a great way of saying things.

    I totally get it, btw, and often feel the same - I'm just running from one things that's calling me to the other, without much control over when and how I do it.

    But I guess mostly I do feel like I juggle. I mean, I chose this crazy career of an entrepreneur, I could be doing something a bit more sane. I choose to cook for my family vs buy meals (which I need to do more, I know! - the takeout option, I mean), I choose to take off 2 hours during the day to see my daughter and then work til 2am (I could just work straight through, like I used to, and just see her before bedtime.)

    Not easy choices, but I do feel like I am making most of them...
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  • Some days, I feel like I'm one of the balls up in the air. Or one of the spinning plates. Or one of the flaming batons. Depending on the day and the perilousness of the juggle!

    One thing that helps me combat that feeling is to find something that I can control. I'm a control freak, but years and years ago I decided that if I was truly going to be one then the thing I most needed to control was myself. So... my weapon of control, over life in general and myself in particular, is the list.

    I'll take a few minues to make a list of things I've already done that day (remember what I've already done makes it easier for me to do whatever else needs to be done). Of things I'll need to do when I get home. Of groceries I noticed we're low on. Of special treats for my kids' lunchboxes. Of things I need to remember (call so-and-so, reply to this email, clip that coupon and put it in my wallet, etc). Of things I want to pack for the next visit to whichever relative we're supposed to see.

    Of course, it's possible to take it too far (as they said in "Spinal Tap": There's a fine line between clever and stupid). But somedays it keeps me from crossing over that fine line between crazy and insane.
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  • I'm glad I can make you laugh Nataly! It's my form of destressing, laughing can be the same as a miracle at certain times.

    I have a way of letting life take me for a ride for a bit, as if I need a reminder that sometimes I have to put a conscious effort to take over the juggling instead of getting tossed around.

    I am a list maker, too. It makes me feel as though I have more control over what's going to be happening, regardless if I cross my entire list off or not. Also, just crossing off a few tasks a day really makes me feel as though I've accomplished something. It's so much easier to gauge your daily routines that way and to say, "wow, I've done something!"

    On the perosnal side, my lists also help me keep in perspective of how much work I'm doing during my personal time at home and it helps me reign back when I see I need to.

    So, today, I'm taking a tiny bit of control and I'm throwing myself out of the hands of the juggler and I'm going to start doing the juggling!
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  • Have you checked out our new blogger, Karen - at Mental Spa? She has a post today just about that
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