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An Ode to Couscous

  • Couscous: I love you

    And people in Morocco love you too

    I never used to understand, you, couscous

    So crumbly

    But I've grown to love you

    In that slimline box

    Easy to stack

    Easy to find in the pantry

    Not like those messy rice bags or Lipton's Sides

    Ugh. Hate those

    Couscous: I love you

    You're affordable

    Well, sort of.

    I mean, $2 + per box isn't exactly cheap

    Not as cheap as rice or pasta, for instance

    But, still.

    It's a convenience thing

    Couscous: here's what I love most about you

    You don't need cooking

    Just tip you into boiling water

    That's it

    No, really. That's it.

    Let stand for five minutes


    Poetic in its simplicity

    You're the perfect side dish
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Diane on 5th December 2007
  • hahaaaa i love this you made me laugh and want to actually attempt to make couscous as i am scared of it (making it i mean, i eat it out all the time!)
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kate on 5th December 2007
  • Kate - Couscous is easy to make, as Diane's "ode" - which is awesome, by the way - mentions, versatile and hard to screw up. Don't be scared!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Florinda Pendley Vasquez on 6th December 2007
  • hello
    I found an online shop selling couscous
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by edlwise on 19th February 2011

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