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Are you an eBay MOM?

  • When I started selling on eBay - it didn't take long to realize that it was a MASSIVE community. Yet, I'm still surprised to hear how many people have never sold (or bought) on eBay... many, in fact, find it intimidating. Frankly, I don't blame them...

    What about you?

    Are you an eBay Mom?

    What kind of eBay Mom are you?... Do you sell, buy or both?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Jenni Hunt on 6th December 2007
  • I'll go first ;)

    I started selling after my second child was born in 2002. I was instantly hooked after making over $100 on one of my first items... but, I also wanted something more. I noticed some moms that were selling had online newsletters that supported moms who sold on eBay - and developed a passion for wanting to provide something similar. I did tons of research and learned so much about internet marketing and applying it to an eBay business... and in March of 2004, I launched my first membership site/newsletter HuntedTreasure (

    I sell and buy on eBay - but, this last year I have found that my real passion is marketing and my time has been filled with researching eBay for the benefit of other sellers... I've sold for power sellers and I have worked with many other eBay guru's - and through it all, I most enjoy helping other moms be successful in their selling efforts.

    What about you?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Jenni Hunt on 6th December 2007
  • I have sold ONE thing on ebay. I was a nervous wreck the whole time LOL I was so afraid it wasnt going to sell, and I was going to be stuck with the cost...

    It did end up selling, thank goodness. But it was such an awful experience, I haven't ever even thought about doing it again. Do you have any pointers?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Crystal on 6th December 2007
  • Hi Crystal...

    I'm sorry you had such an awful experience... but, I'm glad it turned out okay for you.

    I think sometimes people who are trying to get into it forget that it is a business opportunity (although it depends on what your reasons for selling are, I suppose)... and with any business opportunity there is a bit of risk. The risk with ebay is very low compared to other opportunities - you can list an item for under $2!

    What did you sell? Are you interested in trying it out again? If so, what do you want to sell?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Jenni Hunt on 6th December 2007
  • I actually explored ebay but never really bought or sold on it... I'm a huge fan of craigslist.... I do a ton on there - I guess I get comfort from having local interaction... also - i hate shipping things - so it's nice to have somebody come by and pick up an item and hand me cash! Have you tried craigslist? Waht do you think about it vs ebay?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Victoria on 6th December 2007
  • I sold a few things on ebay last year and overall, great experience --I sold some of my daughter's winter clothes that were in great shape and was happy to make a bit of money from that. I've bought tons of her kids' books and cds for her and for us on ebay - so far, so good.

    Like Victoria, I've used craigslist to sell larger items - like a crib or an old desk - but ebay is great for small things. What makes it tougher is the hassle of packing up the stuff and going to the post office - I know I sound lazy, but it's extra work that I rarely have time for...
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Nataly on 6th December 2007
  • oh - I have to agree... I really can't stand shipping. Unfortunately, I love the shopping and finding deals to resell though ;)

    And craigslist is a great resource for selling items too - although I have found a larger profit margin on eBay with the small stuff.

    I've been thinking about this question since posting it yesterday - and I think there are 3 types of sellers...

    Hobby sellers
    - those who sell here and there... they might be interested in making a profit; however, they don't really depend on an income from anything they sell on eBay. They use it to get rid of their children's outgrown clothes or things they don't need anymore.

    Business sellers - these sellers have built a business selling on eBay. They have a system in place and they use it to bring in the income they depend on.

    Marketing sellers - These sellers have figured out how to USE eBay as a marketing tool to grow their (other) business. They list occasionally - but, the purpose is to drive traffic to their business sites.

    I started out as a hobby seller - then once I realized the profit to be made on eBay, I quickly became a business seller. It didn't take long for me, however, to realize that it was much more lucrative (and flexible) for me to become a marketing seller.

    Think about it - eBay is one of THE top visited sites in the world. They get a lot of traffic... wouldn't it be cool to harness some of that traffic and bring it to your business that isn't eBay related?... looks like a topic for another thread
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Jenni Hunt on 6th December 2007
  • I love ebay, but it depends on what I'm trying to sell. I've had good success with clothes, but I love for books.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Lylah M. Alphonse on 6th December 2007
  • This is very interesting to me, because I too have and still do sell on Ebay. I began as an occasional seller. I hadn't really found a niche market, so I was just trying this and that. I made some good sales, but not enough to really keep my interest. I piddled around with it, back and forth for several years. I'd walk away, only to come back again a few months later. I do buy occasionally, but mostly, I sell.

    I finally realized, that I truly needed a niche to sell on Ebay if I was going to really make a steady income. The other thing I discovered was that you need to keep a steady supply of listings available in order to keep the buyer's interest. My sales go down drastically if I only have 5 or 10 items for sale. As soon as I keep my items up to about 30-40, - my sales go up.

    It's pretty easy to find items to sell on Ebay, but it is time consuming. Lately I have been utilizing a truly fantastic drop-shipper. It has made my life oh so much easier!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Naturalsoycandles on 5th February 2008

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