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slow cooker recipes with 5 or less ingredients?

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    also thinking of trying pasta, why not? put like all the lasagna ingrediants in a slow cooker and see what happens LOL ok really thinking about buying stuffed shells and sauce and going that route... my cousins wife used to do this and it was pretty good! and eady... allll about the easy LOL

    for making pasta recipes in the slow cooker-

    cook the veggie/meat/sauce ingredients foirst, then add the noodles for the final 30-60 minutes.

    if you put the pasta in with everything else from the start, it dissolves to mush!
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  • I STILL don't have a crock pot (I know! What, am I TRYING to make my life more difficult?). But I made this the other day in a dutch oven, since I was home and could make sure I didn't inadverdently burn the house down. It was really good...

    Slow-cooked braised pork

    1 1/2 pounds boneless pork shoulder (or country-style boneless ribs)

    2 Tablespoons Old Bay seasoning

    2 Tablespoons dark brown sugar

    1 large, sweet onion, chopped

    1 can diced tomatoes (or about two large fresh tomatoes, chopped)

    1 Tablespoon vegetable oil

    Heat the oil in a heavy-bottomed dutch oven over medium-high heat until it starts to shimmer. Add the pork and brown, turning to brown all sides. Transfer the pork to a plate and set aside.

    Add chopped onions to the skillet and saute, scraping the pan to get up any browned bits of pork. Cook 4 minutes, or until onion is translucent.

    Return the pork to the pot. Add the tomatoes and their juices, old bay, brown sugar, and enough water to cover most of the meat. Cook -- on the stove top on low or in the oven at 300 degrees -- until you can pull the pork apart easily with a fork.

    I'm not a crock pot expert, so I don't know how long you'd have to cook it in a crock pot or how much you'd need to adjust the level of liquid, but as soon as I get one I'll let you know!
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  • Everyone, check out Chris' post at Ordering Disorder for a great Chicken Salsa crockpot recipe that sounds so easy and good, it just may be the thing that gets me into the store to buy an actual crockpot!

    Link: Crockpot Chicken Salsa
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  • A nice thing about the crock pot is you can use less expensive cuts of meat - slow cooked they taste much better. I use mine 1-2 times a week - espeically int he cold winters of upstate NY.

    I am at the shop but I will make a point to post a few of my fav recipes. Here is a quickie:

    make a box of pork or herb stove topstuffing. take raw pork chop, put serving of stuffing on top, wrap in foil. place all the wrapped portions in the crock pot & turn it on!

    Whip up a mcCormcik pork gravy mix, steam some veggies (and rice too if you feel the need) and dinner is served! Easy clean up of the CP too.

    FYI a friend told me this recently - Want Easy clean up - you can now buy crock pot cooking bags like roasting bags - put the bag in, add ingredients and when you are done throw bag away and quick easy clean of the crock. A bit over the edge for me for a daily use - but I guess if I had something overly sticky I might try them. I find if you stick the crock in the sink with some soapy water for 15-30 minutes almost anything cleans up pretty easy.
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