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Would love some input on my new business...

  • Hi everyone,

    I have just stared my own business selling baby clothing online. I always struggled to find bright, colorful clothing for my babies, so my whole store is built around that --- you won't find anything pastel, no baby pinks and baby blues....just really bright, vivid colors and cute non-gender specific designs.

    I would LOVE some feedback on my website, my prices, the concept as a whole (we hope to expand to all kinds of bright baby products)....and who better to ask than other Moms!

    Thanks so much!! Our website is and ALL feedback is welcomed!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Linda on 17th December 2007
  • Hi Linda, You have a nice concept there.

    I freelance in web design, development and usability, so I took a look at your site and I have some comments and suggestions. I only had a few minutes so I haven't really dug into things. And I notice you're using the templates from the cart service you use, so I'm not sure how much of this you can fix. But save the rest for later when you are ready to re-evaluate all your services.

    It's probably best we do this off line. I think you can send personal messages through Work It, Mom. If you send me your email address, I'll send you my suggestions. I'm leaving for a big holiday road trip on Tuesday. I have my initial thoughts typed up and can send them out right away. Otherwise we'll have to wait for the new year.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Jenns on 17th December 2007
  • Thanks so much Jenns! I have sent you a pm with my email address.

    I really appreciate your input!! I hope you have a great holiday!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Linda on 17th December 2007
  • I love your products! I wish I'd known about your site when my kids were tiny!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Lylah M. Alphonse on 17th December 2007
  • My daughter would have loved those but she's just gotten too big. Would you be interested in being a featured mom business on my web site? I'm starting an article once a week in January. It will feature a mom and her online business. Let me know if you are interested. (It is totally free.. to help promote working other working moms.)
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Rose on 21st December 2007
  • WOW. All I can say is I wish I could shrink my kid. 7 year olds just can't do onesies any more, but your stuff is fantastic. Get on google, research some of the internet promotion offers. It will sell. It will sell. (your new mantra).

    It's great.
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  • Thank-you so much ladies! I really appreciate your feedback and yes, my new mantra will DEFINITELY be "it will sell"

    Rose - I would love to be a featured Mom on your site...what would it involve? Can you send me an email?

    Thank-you so is so easy to begin doubting your ideas and it feels so good to get some positive feedback for a great boost!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Linda on 21st December 2007
  • Hi Linda,

    I checked out your website I have 17 years in the retail industry in Buying, Merchandising and Design. My experience is primarily in Womens accessories but the thought/planning process in buying and merchandising spans across most categories in retail.

    I think your price points are very good and very reasonable.

    Is there any way you can extract the design( ie. picture of insect, bug animal) so people can see at first glance what design is what. Maybe blow up the design in a little square box right beside the actual dress or have larger pictures of all your graphics?

    Because all the dresses long sleeve are the same style as well as the short and what you will find is that one insect, animal, catepillar will outsell over another. As a customer I am interested in the silhouette first and then Grapic design. I think if you blow up the graphics you will see a fast trend in what graphic outsells another and your customer may just make the purchase faster.

    Are they all 100% cotton? Can you market to the Organic "going green" market?

    I think the concept is very cute and sweet. I have a 14 month old girl that would look very cute in your dresses.

    Do you offer matching leggings for the girls' dresses?

    I wish lots of success!!!

    Take Care
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  • Overall, great concept! Your clothes are adorable. I love the bright colors and the prices are very reasonable. I echo those who wish we could turn back the clock. Just the thing I would have loved to put my girls in.

    You might want to consider varying your designs a bit. If I was outfitting my kids, I would only likely buy one or two pieces because the designs are so similar. Someone else suggested coordinating/matching leggings or tights. I think that's a great idea.

    Your Web site is very easy to navigate, but you might want to consider a slightly different color palette. The dominant use of yellow on the site is a bit jarring. There are probably some rules of the road for Web design and color that you could look into.

    Good for you for getting your stuff out there. Wishing you best of luck!!!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Amy@UWM on 21st December 2007
  • Thank you so much again!! I can't tell you how valuable your comments are to me. My friends and family have been very supportive, but tend never to give any criticism or suggestions on it is GREAT to hear ideas on how to improve!

    Momof2lovelies -- thank-you! I have a list of great recommended web site updates that came from Jenns and I plan to add this to the list -- I agree that a close-up of the graphic is a necessity! Almost all of our outfits are 100% cotton, but I thought perhaps the dyeing would "remove" me from marketing to an organic audience?!

    To answer your question - YES - we do have leggings and diaper covers to go with the dresses, they are listed in a separate category and obviously not that easy to find -- thank-you for commenting on that - I will take a look at how to make that more accessible!!

    AmyS - thank-you for your comments as well -- Jenns also recommended toning down the colors and you have just reaffirmed that this is necessary -- thank-you!! I also never really thought about the fact that the designs are all quite similar and I am glad you pointed that out...I will definitely keep it in mind as I refine my next set.

    I am going to print out this entire thread and start making changes!!! I am REALLY motivated now and I have you girls to thank for that!!!!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Linda on 22nd December 2007

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