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I am re-doing my blogs and need your help!

  • I need your input. I have 6 blogs (I know, can you believe it) and I am doing an audit of all of them. I would like all my readers...and anyone who just comes across my blogs in the next few weeks to give me your:





    Just click here to go to a list of my blogs.

    Any and all comments you have to improve on my blogs are welcome. I have had them going for almost 6 months now and with the new year, I am going to be doing more with my blogging.

    I am also looking for other bloggers/website owners:

    --Mommy bloggers

    --Iowa bloggers

    --Family Friendly bloggers

    --Arts, crafts, food, scrapbooking, sewing, etc. bloggers

    --Plus sized men & women bloggers

    --Multiple birth parents/bloggers

    --Freelance writing & problogging bloggers

    --Family Friendly websites

    I am interested in any bloggers/website owners who would be interested in getting some free advertising for their blogs/websites. I am looking for people to guest post on my blogs, to interview in their chosen field, and anyone who would be willing to donate or give me a large discount on products for upcoming give-a-way contests I will be holding beginning the first of the year. Again, this is a great way for you to get free advertising for your blogs, websites, and products.

    I am also looking for budget friendly graphic artists & blogger and wordpress template creators and designers. I am looking for someone to help me change the look of my blogs. I am looking for something fun, family friendly, and fantastic.

    If you are interested in free advertising and helping me take my blogs to the next level, please e-mail me at cathicollins (at) gmail (dot) com.

    I can't wait to hear from you.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by cathicollins on 17th December 2007
  • This was an overwhelming post to read (6 blogs! wow!) . . . have written myself a note to go take a look . . . you're in Iowa?

    I don't have any products to offer you, just tickets to a OH and DC event Not very helpful I'm afraid . . . but I will go take a look - - might be interested in an interview . .. fill space relating to family friendly fun!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Naomi on 18th December 2007
  • ok - Cathi . . . I read MomDum . . . very fun!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Naomi on 18th December 2007
  • Hi!

    From what I can tell, you're hosting the blogs I looked at through You need to watch the banners, because adverts can get you canned. I had links back to my website (where I sell a few products) on my blog, and it got deleted one day for violations of the terms of service. You can't ever get your stuff back if that happens, so I'd be sure you are saving copies of your posts on your computer.

    I dont really blog directly about any of your topics, but I do blog about preemie/nicu issues at I know that prematurity is a problem with multiples, so if I can help on that front let me know.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kristie McNealy on 20th December 2007
  • Hi!

    I am new to blogging but this was overwhelming for me. I did get to one of your blogs - The Momdum Chronicles - I really like the name. It was funny and I enjoyed it. Is there anyway that you could write about all six topics once a week in one blog. That way your readers can log in to read the blog based on which subject is most appealing to them.

    Hope that this helps! As I learn more about blogging, I hope to stay in touch with you.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Branders on 20th December 2007
  • is yours a standard or specially customized wordpress theme? i know wordpress has plans lots of themes and plans for many more. the various wordpress blogs wp developer blogs should have lots more info.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by innka on 24th December 2007
  • Hey there,

    I just registered and I found this discussion.

    I'm going to visit your portfolio of blogs, I'd also be interested in help you as I'm a scrapbooking consultant (well, on training, so a newbie) and I obviously have a blog about scrapbooking.

    I'm going to add you in my network, so that we can meet easily online.

    Let's keep in touch and please let me know what I have to do to give a help.

    Greetings from Italy, ciao!!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Desi on 9th February 2008

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