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101 in 1001

  • There's a challenge called the 101 in 1001. People are creating lists of 101 tangible goals to be accomplished in 1001 days. Have any of you done this? I'm trying to get my list done, but it's hard to think of 101 things I both want to do and think I can do. Some of what is on my list are things I must do: make a will etc. But I want to have fun achievable things too.

    Any of the rest of you with lists?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kat on 19th December 2007
  • Wow I've never heard of this before. It sounds really fun. What a great way to track your progress. 1001 days, what is that like 2.5 years? Hmmm...I think I need to see other people's lists.

    Here are a few things that I would put on there off the bat:

    Pay off the credit card

    Make a will (like you Kat)

    Learn to play 3 songs on the guitar

    Set up a craft room

    Finish babyjama's baby blanket

    That's all I can think of right now. Good luck with your list!
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  • I LOVE stuff like that - Maybe we should start a group on WIM for it?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Nataly on 19th December 2007
  • please DO start a group for that! I love this!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Naomi on 19th December 2007
  • Group is a great idea - would be interesting to see what members have on their lists and hopefully large percentage gets accomplished within the timeframe!!!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Victoria on 20th December 2007
  • I have most of my list done and posted here</a>. I still have 28 or so spaces left open. I'm not sure what else I plan on doing!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kat on 20th December 2007
  • My list is here

    That was amazing to make up this list . . . I need to modify and straighten up some of them, as they don't necessarily fit the rules (specific items) . .. but it's a start.

    I've printed it off 5 times and have it posted around my house. Feels good!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Naomi on 23rd December 2007
  • This is a great idea! It's amazing how writing down your goals helps to get them out of your head and closer to becoming a reality. In my coaching practice, I encourage clients to write down their goals (not necessarily 101 of them!) and put realistic deadlines with them. Then we work toward moving forward with them and eliminating things that potentially stand in the way (usually it's procrastination, limiting beliefs or some type of fear) of success. I've always been a goal-setter - I love to be able to check things off the list!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by April Mims, Career Coach on 24th December 2007

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