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Restless Legs (and arms!)

  • Has anyone experienced this Restless leg thing? I am at 30 weeks, and it is kicking in on arms and legs, particularly later in the day. I am wondering if anyone has any good remedies (besides the jumping around and rubbing and scratching I seem to do...)?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by kellyr on 20th December 2007
  • Gosh. Afraid I haven't heard of that, so -- sorry -- no helpful suggestions. Have you tried searching health/pregnancy websites for advice??
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Diane on 21st December 2007
  • I am 35 weeks at the moment and have had restless legs for a few months now. Sometimes the only way I can sleep at night is if I stay up really late and get so tired I just zonk out. Walking or doing something a little active helps a lot-and a hot shower works wonders. I didn't have this problem with my first baby. My OB says it might be triggered by micronutrient deficiency in some people, but since I"m taking prenatal vitamins, that's probably not it.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by biomom on 22nd December 2007
  • Wow - i just recently finished my pregnancy and I haven't heard of this at all... that's very interesting... I was always told by my doctor to workout as much as possible to prevent my body from possible side effects of pregnancy...I wonder if that's one of them... perhaps working out could help you???
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Victoria on 22nd December 2007
  • I used to have that alot in my last pregnancy. I would have a small snack in the middle of the night (hungry or not) and that would relax it alot.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Erin on 29th March 2008
  • What about some gentle heat on the muscles? Sometimes my left hamstring muscles are so tight I can't sleep. I have one of those rice-filled heating pads and I wrap it around my leg when I go to sleep. The heat is gentle enough to sleep with and relaxes the muscles so I can sleep.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Jenns on 29th March 2008
  • yes! i had this the last tri-mester of my pregnancy - it DOES go away after you give birth! but man is it annoying...
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