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Deciding to Have Another

  • It seems to me that given the current economic crisis couples may hesitate before having another child. We all know how costly it is to raise children and when that's coupled with the possibility of not having a job, credit card debt, the housing market...I wonder if some won't delay pregnancy??? I talk about some of these issues in more detail at:
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  • I'm in the same boat. When we got married, we both agreed on 2 kids (i wanted 4) Our daughter is now 4, and I'd like to get pregnant late next year or early 2010. Hubby is totally against having another one, strictly because of the financial hardship. He'd much rather spend money on a Harley motorcycle than on another daycare bill. I've basically told him that he doesn't have a choice. He has a lot more freedom than most husbands, I don't nag, I don't ask for much, and he has very little responsibility with the child we have. If I want a baby, Momma's gonna get a baby.
    So, I stopped taking the pill, for several reasons and told him I wasn't going to start taking it again. He wasn't too happy with that, but obviously he can't force me to take it. I figure if he doesn't want a baby, but he wants some lovin', he'll figure a way to prevent pregnancy. I'm not going to worry bout it.
    The money matters worry me too, but women deal with it every day, and I figure we can deal with it too. My daughter starts kindergarten in 2010, so daycare will get cheaper for her.
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