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Need Advice Shopping for New Computer

  • I'm on the market right now for a new computer. We currently have a Mac laptop and a Dell desktop. We're getting rid of the desktop and getting another laptop. I just don't know what brand/model to get. Right now it would mainly be used for blogging, research and organizing my WAH plan. I'd like to think that I would end up using it for my WAH job once that's up and running but that might be awhile. We like our Mac but I don't know enough about computers and business to know which one is going to be easiest to use. Any recs are appreciated!

    PS. for what it's worth my WAH plan is an ecommerce site

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  • I would go with a Dell laptop. I have had mine for about three or more years now and it's still going strong. I've heard it's a pretty reliable brand. Honestly, I know that Mac-lovers have their reasons for their brand loyalty, but I don't know much about that as I've always been a PC gal. Maybe someone else can weigh in on that? Another reason I like Dell is I find their catalogs and website easy to navigate, making it easier to determine what to get. I also like ordering everything online, because unlike buying from a store, I feel like I'm not getting talked into anything I don't need.

    I strongly recommend you check out Consumer Reports for advice. You might have to join up to get all their ratings, but it's totally worth it, IMHO.
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  • I BEAT on my dell laptop and it's been very, very reliable..that being said, it's a work owned laptop so it wasn't my choice. I have an older latitiude--it's heavy, but it's a workhorse. I've hauled it all over the world, and through 'work at home' days with kids, on family trips, let the kids use it..and it's come through with flying colors.
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  • i also am a fan of the dell laptop! my 'personal' laptop is a huge dell with a great screen and i LOVE IT! my work laptop is an IBM ThinkPad - it's good too, but i love my dell

    also, software for a Microsoft OS is usually cheaper than MAC software (unless you are talking crazy adobe illustrator or something!) and you can even use products like OpenOffice instead of paying for full Microsoft office

    these days you will most likely be able to order vista - go for Ultimate AND extra memory and the higher end video. not so much because you need them today, but because you probably don't want to buy another laptop in 2 years and if you buy a little higher end now you can avoid that (swapping out parts like video cards on a laptop is cost prohibitive if possible at all)...

    but then I am a little bit of a computer geek
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  • I have an IBM Thinkpad at work (now made by Lenovo). My hardrive crashed last week. This is the 2nd one I've had in 2.5 years and is less than one year old. I would NOT recommend Thinkpads. FWIW, my company is going to switch everyone over to Dell laptops.

    At home, my DH has a low-end Toshiba that we bought in 2004, and it's still alive & kicking and seems to be a survivor since it lives in the living room with a 10 yo & 3 yo & dog.
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  • I am a HUGE fan of everything Apple. I would definitely go with another MacBook. The Pro is amazing for just about everything, but if you aren't using it for business, you can probably go with the intro model.

    My corporate office uses all Dell and I am not fond of them, but everyone has a different experience.

    Vista is a RAM hog, so if you get a Windows based PC running Vista, go for at least 2Gig of memory. We decided to purchase a Windows based laptop with Vista (because some of my contracts clients aren't Mac compatible) and have had to upgrade the memory because it was way too slow! (The Vista specs say it works on 512, but I started with 1Gig and it wasn't enough!)

    Another option, especially if you do need to run Windows is to get a MacBook and subdivide the hard drive (its easy!) and then you can run full Windows and still have your Mac! (Of course, your Windows OS will still be prone to Viruses and the like.)
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