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New flooring option: Marmoleum!

  • Wanted to know if anyone has heard that linoleum is making a comeback. It's sold as Marmoleum. ( It's nice and smooth to walk on, but non-slip. It comes in the most incredible colors. (The main pic for this group is my sample swatches for Marmoleum.) It's also hypo-allergenic and eco-friendly. We were going to get it for our kitchen earlier this year but ended up having to re-roof instead (goodbye lovely $$$$ - sniff). Anyone tried Marmoleum?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Diane on 31st December 2007
  • too funny. I really want to get tile but it would be $5k to do the kitchen and I just don't think that is reasonable for us so I was looking at linoleum, never heard of this. I checked out the website and I am amazed, requested samples and am loving this idea. Great website and sounds like a very green and durable and cost effective solution for us.
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  • I also love the way it smells. Reminds me of art class when I was a kid because we used to do lino-cutting. LOL
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