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Hello Everyone

  • My name is obvious from my siggy and my age is a myth. Let's just say I was born before Nixon was President.

    For the last ten years I've been a Virtual Assistant after spending ten years working as an Office / Administrative / Executive Assistant for various companies and organizations.

    Someone suggested, after I spent a year as a temp, that I cut out the middle man so I did just that. I now work with small business owners who have more work than they can do but nowhere to put an employee along with no equipment, no desire to pay benefits and a strong desire to work with an experienced assistant.

    When I'm not typing away, creating wonderful specimens to aid my clients, answering my phone and keeping my household running smoothly, I'm off helping with my church, Women Business Owners (WBO) and managing my own business, Admin Services.

    Throw in surviving Hurricane Katrina, re-establishing my business and getting a divorce one behind the other and I'm lucky to be somewhat sane. Thank you Jesus for keeping me through it all!

    Thank God for school so my two teenage daughters (17 & 15) can go somewhere and leave me alone while I work! LOL! Can you tell I love my kids?

    In my spare time I read my Bible, exercise my body, surf the Net and sleep when I can. I've got a wonderful sense of humor, tons of humility and excessive modesty. Oh well, at least I have a sense of humor. LOL!

    Enough about me, back to the real world! Take care and God bless.
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  • Welcome!

    I am just starting the same kind of business! I am so glad to hear it has worked out well for you.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Yes, Mommy has to work today on 1st January 2008
  • Welcome -- so glad you've found us and thanks for sharing a bit about yourself. All I have to say is wow - great for you for starting your own business! Look forward to learning more about it -- perhaps you'd consider contributing an article for our Member Articles section about how you got going? We've got many aspiring entrepreneurs in the community, and I am sure they would love to hear your story.
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