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January goals

  • Happy New Year to everyone, and I hope that this year brings health, happiness and prosperity to all!

    My goal is to maintain an open perspective on life, illustrated by the acronym BLANCA:

    Be aware of daily beauty.

    Learn one new world a day.

    Act out love and affection daily.

    No excuse for not making a January appt for my yearly checkup.

    Concentrate on making my body beautifullly healthy.

    Allocate time for all the above!

    I love this topic and there are so many great goals! Good luck to everyone!
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  • To be an example of health to my kids.

    To take the time each day to pray and ask God for help rather than try to do it all myself.

    Take the time to appreciate my family.

    Get just a little more organized.

    Take time for myself to find beautiful moments in each day.
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  • These are lovely goals, amcmoore and mummacanela!

    I have a big bunch of concrete, achievable goals that are very boring. But I have one that I'm probably going to be trying hardest to achieve. In January, I want to get into the habit of finding something joyful to appreciate each day. I don't have to write about it or explain it or make other people understand it, I just have to find it and remember it for myself.
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