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Boston Group Meet Up

  • Ok, a few more will be joining us - I've asked them all to check in here so we can get a count. Let's all start putting some dates out there - wow, this is so fun! (and I sound like a teenager, I know)

    Margalit - where are you? I am in West Newton -- someone can always pick you up and drop you off...
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  • Yippee! I'm excited, too. For Sat nights we've got 2, 9, 16 or the 23rd. I've set up a google spreadsheet here: 5dP1ntOIQyMg

    If this spreadsheet works then you can:

    List your choice in order of preference and we'll start tallying. There's also space to add what food you can bring and an option to add where you're coming from in case you want to carpool. I'm shooting in from the pike so can meet up w/ anyone to give them a ride along the way.

    However, I'm not sure just anyone can edit so someone let me know!

    Nataly, the time is up to you since you're hosting. We can wait until your little miss is in bed if need be. Oooh, how exciting.
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  • Hello! This sounds great. I'm not in Newton but we're currently house-hunting in Weston and the surrounding area so I'm getting to know the lay of the land - or at least the lay of the land with houses for sale in and around Newton, too.

    Evenings work best for me - and I'm excited to meet everyone! Thanks, Nataly, for the note!

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  • Nataly is roping me in too! I'll come to Newton if I can.. though it is a little bit of a drive from up here on the North Shore

    I'd still do it if I can.

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  • Yipee!!!

    Very exciting indeed - Mandy rocks, doesn't she? My little one goes to bed at 7 and hubby will be home and on sudden-wake-up duty upstairs (of course he would really like to just hang out with us girls!), so any time after 7. Like 7:01?

    I need sleep, but will work on the google spreadsheet tomorrow.

    Our house is pretty small and definitely without a den - but I am sure we'll manage!
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  • I got Nataly's email and while new to the site am excited to meet new moms in the area. I live in West Roxbury so Newton is perfect. I'm happy to bring food, wine, or anything else.

    I will add my availability to the spreadsheet.

    I'm looking forward to this.
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  • Okay I can't edit the spreadsheet, but here's my info:

    2/2 - 1

    2/9 - no go for me

    2/16 - 1

    2/23 - no go for me.

    I will bring a bottle of red and hummus and veggies.

    If you want more details about me (contact info and such) just email me.
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  • I live in the Highlands, but almost across the street from Countryside. LDG from West Roxbury would have to drive by my house to get anywhere in Newton (assuming she takes Dedham St, which is the road from WR to Newton.

    Can't edit the spreadsheet either, but I have NO life (I have teenagers, believe me, they have drained the life out of me) so pretty much every Sat night is fine with me. Just get me OUT of the house, please. I'm going to DC sometime in Feb but I don't know the date yet. It will be on a weekend. My assumption is it won't be either the 2nd or the 9th.

    As for food, are we healthy eaters or junk food eaters? I can swing either way, but I don't want to bring something disgustingly healthy if you all are into eating Cheesy Poofs.

    I do bake, so just tell me what you want, and I can make it. I can also bring a bottle of white, I believe.
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  • Scratch the spreadsheet. Without adding you all as collaborators it can't be done so we'll just stick to this page. Sigh, and I was all excited about being organized like that.

    Right now any of the Saturdays works for me. 2/2 sounds great since the sooner the better.

    Margalit, do you have a cheesy poof recipe? My husband would love you forever.

    Nataly, I may be a little late - 7:01:01 may be the soonest I can get there ;).
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Mandy Nelson - Dandysound on 11th January 2008
  • Hi, I'd love to join. I'm in Hopkinton, but Newton's not that far. I could do Feb 2 only. Hopefully that will work out. If not, I'll have to meet you all later.
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