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What is in your closet?

  • Hello Ladies,

    What is in your closet? Do you have clothes in your closet that don't fit, out dated, or just don't like any more?

    Well, your not alone! Don’t be afraid to downsize your closets. They say that most people only wear 10% of their clothes. Ask yourself, if you de-clutter and your neglected clothes will be worn by people who need them, what could be better?

    Also, don't forget the tax breaks you get if you donate your clothes.

    Take care,

    The Shu Lady
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by The Shu Lady on 8th January 2008
  • Shu Lady... you make such a good point! I try to go through all of our closests regularly and cull out the things that don't fit or never get worn, and then donate those to several different places -- those little tax breaks really add up! Goodwill has a list of what different articles of clothing are worth (you can deduct whatever they're likely to sell them for -- aka the Fair Market Value) and you'd be surprised at how valuable your old clothes might be...

    Here's a link to that price list:
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  • I FINALLY did this last year for my own clothes. I figure there's really no need to keep those pants I loved when I was 16, right? I kept a few things and told myself that if they still didn't fit or weren't worn at least 3 times then they are outtahere. So freeing! The few "fun" things I can't seem to part with are relegated to the dress up bin that way the girls can enjoy them eventually. I'll be doing this again at the end of winter when I go to pack up the winter clothing.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Mandy Nelson - Dandysound on 8th January 2008
  • Thanks for the link Lylah, I will check that out! Also ladies don't forget that if you have clothes that are new and you think someone would love to have them, you can sell them on e-bay. I know a few people that have made money by selling clothes and household items they no longer wanted on ebay.

    Also, to keep those closets down follow closet rule number 1 "one in... one out" meaning when you purchase and item you are suppose to remove an item...always even swaps.

    I know...easy said than done
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by The Shu Lady on 9th January 2008
  • I have a one in, one out rule for the next three years. But it's more like one in, 3 out. Everything has to be replacement at this point, not additional.
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  • Kat,

    Thats a good rule to go by and it should be applied to a lot of the things we purchase. I do the samething with my daughter every Christmas, I tell her to giveaway some of her toys so we can make room for the new ones.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by The Shu Lady on 24th February 2008
  • What I have been doing to get rid of clothes. I after the season is over what ever I haven't worn. I get rid of. I started this last summer. It really has helped get rid of some old clothes. I have my closet organized by seasons and pants/dress and shirts on different sides. All ready this winter I have go rid of clothes because I see stuff that I know I won't wear any more.

    I keep a basket in the corner of my bedroom with a garbage bag in it. I just keep adding clothes that I don't want or don't fit. My kids bring in there stuff as they don't want it anymore. Then when the bag is full I get rid of it and start over.

    My girlfriends and I have a swap thing going on. We all have kids different ages,sizes. So we swap used clothing bags to see if there is anything that the other one can use. I have some of the oldest children so that helps my friends alot. I also have boys and girls. Then what is left goes to Good Will. It is a nice way of helping each other.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by crazymomof04 on 27th February 2008
  • I mostly have vintage/thrift pieces, and oodles and oodles of American Apparel. I own so much American Apparel it's amazing. I like pairing it with nice vintage pieces. I'm really loving the high waist right now because of my body type, and I love funky/interesting accessories like belts with an interesting buckle. I like to be a little quirky sometimes, but not weird.

    I like donating my clothes to women's shelters, like Safe House. I also love Ebay.
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