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Exercise DVDs: A Great Way to Get Slim and Strong at Home

  • The right exercise DVD can help you shape up faster and for less money than a gym membership. One University of Florida study found that over 15 months, home exercisers were more consistent and lost 10 extra pounds compared with gym goers. Prevention screened more than 40 new releases and classic workouts to find the all time best ones to help you lose weight, get toned, boost your energy, or simply get started. Check out the (rather messy, sorry!) link below for the best DVDs for your workout goals: -strong-at-home/d0ffefa65f3f6110VgnVCM10000013281e ac____/fitness/ IM-_-Work%20Out,%20Moms!-_-Article-_-Get%20Slim%20 and%20Strong

    What do you think? Do you prefer working out at home to the gym?
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  • I have fitness equipment in my home because getting to the gym is not realistic for me (single parent of two small children, employed full-time w/house and pets to care for). Unfortunately I have never found an exercise DVD that I liked. After years of searching I gave up on it and bought an elliptical and weight machine.
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  • Home gyms are great. I have had gym memberships (4!) and none have been close enough to my house to be useful. I always felt like after driving 15 minutes, I could be halfway done with my workout instead of arriving at the gym. I have a treadmill, weights, pull up bar, fitness ball, and the P90X exercise DVDs. These are pretty good DVDs because you have a whole set of DVDs targeting different things: upper body, lower body, cardio, but they are not for wimps.

    Also discovered a new find on digital cable: free on-demand Exercise TV! I haven't tried any of these yet, but I plan on it.
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  • I prefer the gym-this way "me" time truly is "me" time.

    At home - the phone will ring, my son will want to join in, the neighbor may ring the door bell, a friend might call...
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  • I'm going to have to root around in my on-demand cable menu to see if I have the free exercise TV option! I have such a hard time getting to the gym, I need to figure out an option that will work whenever I have the time (and the inclination) to do it...
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  • I prefer working out at home, mostly so I don't have to drive anywhere and be "presentable". I have a treadmill, elliptical, and stationary bike so I've got some variety and can work out when I'm ready to. I also have quite a few DVDs but haven't found anything that I'm just crazy about.
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  • I've always been one for the gym since I've never had the same motivation at home but now, like KathyHowe, there is no chance to get to the gym. It helps that I teach yoga so I get out for that but actually working out at home takes will power. I'm about to embark on a new experience, though, for at home workouts. I'll post about it later if I get up the guts.
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  • I don't have the motivation to work out at home or the gym. I think I just need to change my diet first so I can get some energy, maybe that will help. I was listening to the radio this morning and heard about this detox diet that this doctor came up with, I think it's called 21 days 21 pounds. I am giong to look it up and see exactly what it's all about.
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