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What's the one thing you'd love all handbags to have to make your life easier?

  • For me, it would be some way to easily store my keys. I ALWAYS lose them in my bag and it's not even that big
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  • A maid?

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  • POCKETS!!!
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  • A stealthy tampon pocket. Stupid? Yes, as I'm sure I could easily buy a cute bag or something to slide in there, but frankly, I need to get to those things fast and when I am digging in my bag for my wallet/keys/lipstick/phone.. I don't want every joe blow to see my tampons all flying around!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by The Tattooed Mommie on 10th January 2008
  • I have to agree with you Tattooed Mommie but for me it would for a pad. I would like a secret pocket just for that.

    The handbag should also have a place for check books, cell phone, and keys.
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  • A place to attach the keys to the bag. Like a key clip.
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  • This time of year I want a place to keep my gloves/mittens so they aren't falling all over the place. I always have to take them off to buckle baby seats and, if I take them off while driving, I put them in my lap then inevitably they fall on the ground when I get out! Ick.

    I have a large carabiner clip on my keys so that they clip to every bag: my purse, the diaper bag, even my LL Bean totes. Not very fashionable (except that it's pink) but very practical.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Mandy Nelson - Dandysound on 11th January 2008
  • Backpack straps. I apparently don't have shoulders since my bags always slide down to my elbow.
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  • My mother had a purse on her Christmas list.

    It had to meet her requirements:

    dark brown

    outside pocket for keys

    single zipper, no flap

    single strap, long enough to put on her shoulder with one motion

    I was able to find one for her!

    Personally, I'm not as picky, but I wish they would stop with the dark inner linings. So much easier to find stuff if it's light colored inside.
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  • Alison - totally agree! all bags should have light colored or fun patterened interior lining!! i think origionally the dark lining is so you dont see how gross and dirty your bag gets but WHATEVER i need to find stuff!!

    also for the 'descrete' place - dont most bags have a little inside zipper place? thats where i usually hide mine - and keep it zipped!

    one thing i learned from Barbara Walters on one of her shows a long time ago (yes i never thought i would type that sentance) is to keep all the little stuff, like make up, or one for pens and a notepad, in a little 'interior' bag with a zipper so when you change purses you are just moving the little bag and your wallet and keys! easy! plus then you dont need a zillion pockets.. ;)

    maybe they need to make more little interior bags that then coordinate with a number of exterior bags? oooh anyone make purses? write that one down! hehehe
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