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Weekly Meal Menu?

  • Does anyone else here plan their meals for the week out? Every Sunday, I sit down with the grocery ad and two or three cookbooks and try to find recipes that a different AND the ingredients are on sale. I have a wipe off board on my fridge that I write the weekly menu on. I've just started doing this within the past couple of months and it has made dinner preparation so much better! And since I have it all planned out on Sunday, I can go to the store once and get everything that I need for the entire week, no more last minute, "Oh my goodness we're out of (whatever)! Run to the store!"
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  • As part of my NY resolutions, I've been making weekly menus this month. I just planned next week's food. And granted, I'm lame because at least 3 days it says, "leftovers" which is the result of me being out at meetings for 2 of those days and my partner Katie being at hockey for the third.

    I write the menu up with the help of a cookbook mid week and then grocery shop on Saturday. Then after coming home on saturday from the grocery, I prep everything by cutting veggies and putting them into containers. Then I precook anything I can (like for a penne and sausage bake, I can actually make most of it and put it in the fridge) or if I am making soup or chili for a dinner that week, I just prepare it in advance. It takes forever because I usually have Noah in a swing or bouncy chair and he and I talk about what I'm doing. Then when he cranks, I stop to feed him or to play.

    I do the same for breakfasts. Then Noah and I go to our 2:30 yoga class.

    So far, it's working great. But we'll see if I can keep doing it.
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  • I used to do a monthly menu - when I was single, what can I say I am a Virgo - I had much more time to be organized! I try to do 2-3 weeks at a pop, since I only grocery shop about that often. I love to use the crock-pot in the winter time mostly. I have also gotten very into soups - I simply open the panty & refrig doors and start tossing things in a pot - it has always been a success.
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  • oh it is my DREAM to be able to do this!! i love that you are doing it!! i always have grand plans but somethign happens and i dont make whatever i was planning. maybe i need to make that a resolution for NEXT year!

    i really do need to expand beyond pasta w/ sauce, grilled cheese sandwiches, and salad LOL
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  • I'm pretty good about making the menus, but I'm not that great about sticking to them. Around the middle of the week I lose my steam for whatever I had planned to cook and end up with a frozen pizza...that means that sometimes fresh veggies go to waste. The past couple of weeks I've been using my crockpot more (I got a new cookbook). That has helped because I can cook early on in the day when I still have energy. In fact, I already cooked today, and so dinner is on and I don't have to think about it again until 6 o'clock when it's ready . I really do want to get better at sticking to my menu, and I need to start shopping with the ad like you do Kat.
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  • I also do monthly menu's. It might sound like more work but it is actually less.

    I have a bunch of really easy recipes that we all like and if I have the whole month planned out I can repeat them because I can see how long it has been since we last had it. I can write out when I don't need to make dinner because my husband is out (or I am out) and it just means that I have to sit down and plan once instead of 4 or 5 times.
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  • I once heard that there are 21 meals that most home cooks prepare regularly. Once you figure out what your 21 meals are, then you can set them up on a rotation. Of course, you can add a new meal in here or one you haven't tried in a while there. I use my 21 Meals planning page to help me prepare my monthly Menu Planner page. I do large grocery shopping every pay period (bi-monthly) with a small run for bread, milk, and fruit somewhere in the middle. I've found that I save so much money when I don't make frequent trips to the store. Even with a list, it is next to impossible to walk away from the grocery store with ONLY what is on your list. I went from $700 a month on groceries for my family of 5 to about $550.
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  • I so very much want to do this -- just can't get organized enough. I think it would solve a lot of issues around here.

    I am now thinking we need to add this feature to WIM - for all of us to share our weekly menus
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  • Oh, please, let's all share just one week of menus AND the grocery list? I do this already, mostly, and love how easy it is to know what I'm going to shop for and what everything is for in the fridge. I have to write it on the wipe board, too, or I forget what's going on.

    We do a lot of casseroles, too, b/c hubby loves them and they make for better left overs.
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  • Our family just started something similiar as well. It cuts down on last minutes takeouts and deliveries.

    Our plan is pretty loose - we decide that chicken will be protein of the week. Then on Sunday, I make 1-2 different versions of chicken, like chicken figure, bbq chicken. For sides, we have stand-by frozen and bagged sides. Sweet potato fries, corn, mixed veggies, salad, etc. It makes dinner very easy.
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