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Do you still refer to your toddler as "The Baby"?

  • I do!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Diane on Tuesday
  • I refer to my daughter as "baby." She is a 4YO and HATES it. It's habit at this point, and I can't seem to break it. She always reminds me that she's a "Big Girl" now.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by amcmoore on Tuesday
  • I did. It seemed more natural than saying "the toddler".
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Uhura on Tuesday
  • Kelsey is Lil Critter, Bambi, The Baby, or K4... depending on my mood... most frequently she is The Baby. Afterall... she is the youngest and will always be my baby. We are struggling because she has just potty trained and transitioned to a toddler bed, so calling her my baby is a bit difficult when she is suppose to be a "big girl". I'm working on it.
  • We made the switch not to long ago, but we never called him Baby that much to begin with. He's always been little man.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Sarah on Tuesday
  • Sarah - same here - we never really called him 'the baby' but usually just his name, or little one, or the boy, or one of the ziillion other things we call him LOL it's a wonder he really does know his name!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kate on Tuesday
  • Yes, "the Baby!" at 15mo and still nursing, it's hard to think of her otherwise
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by relaxnsmile on Wednesday
  • I just did actually with my mom. My son is 22 mos. But I said I just put the baby to bed. He still is nursing to bed. i have been trying to wean but not working. My husband can put him to bed so I don't then. But for naps here at home he won't go down without nursing first.

    If there's a discussion about this that I am missing, let me know.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Christy on Saturday
  • I do! My son just turned 3 today. He is the youngest of 5, and to me he is the baby.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by ShuStylzbyMimi on 7th February 2008
  • Oh my gosh! This just crossed my mind because as I was writing about my 2 1/2 your old son and called him BABY. I love it. He's my last and he's my baby. The kids like to call him The Baby or The Boy when they're doting on him. Also, he plays a game everyday with me. I say are you Mama's baby or Daddy's baby today. And he'll decide who's baby he wants to be!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Susan on 14th November 2008

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