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What has been the toughest part of being in business?

  • Now that you have been open for business for 1 to 5 years? What has been the toughest part of being a small business owner?
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  • Not making a nice secure salary every week and doing it solo.
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  • Time and Energy and Lack there of !

    I always feel like there is something that I should be doing - like laundry, house cleaning, dishes, doing on line research for business products, getting my books "in order", improving this process or procedure, walking the dog, etc

    By the time I get home, get dinner on the table, bed time routine - I am exhausted and I sit down to take a 5 minute break and fall asleep!

    Oh and then there is preparing my meeting agenda and an activity for EarlyAct . . . and when can we get to the library.

    Blogging sn a new thing for me - I am trying it for stress relief. One thing I really miss is "girlfriend Time" - but we're all in the same boat so we don't get a chance for coffe or cocktails any more.
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  • Emotional rollercoaster, hands down. I've certainly made more mistakes than ever before and spend many of my days feeling stupid as I face situations that are completely unknown. In my previous job I felt like a smart ass most of the time and now realize that it's much easier on the ego.

    Financial uncertainty is tough as well, but I recognize that it's like a secondary concern -- the day to day fear of failure, of being your own cheerleader, of feeling awesome and then feeling horrible, that's been toughest for me.
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  • I will have to agree with the emotional rollercoaster. It is amazing how personally I can take it when things are slow on my website. I begin to doubt myself and my idea. Then it shows in every aspect of my life: my family, my friends, everything.

    But when things pick up, I perk up! Then I'm am much more pleasant to being around.
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  • I echo everyone's comment.

    The emotional ups and downs are a killer! I am amazed how the business tests every aspect of my being - my intelligence, my skill sets, my confidence, my emotions, my family, my bank account, my future, etc.

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  • I was thinking the marketing aspect then I read Nataly's comment and have to agree. I'm def. my best, and often only, cheerleader. Thank goodness I'm flexible and can pat myself on the back often otherwise I'd feel like a sinking ship most days for not having it all together!
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