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Kraft Recipe Magazine

  • Five times a year Kraft sends out a free(!!!) recipe magazine. My sister-in-law told me about it and I've been getting it for about 2 years. It is fabulous. All kinds of different recipes - some easy, some hard, everything we've tried has been yummy.

    Anyways, last night I made Bruschetta Chicken Skillet: htm?recipe_id=108621

    All the recipes from the magazine are on the website, but it is nice to have a magazine I can pull off my shelf and look through as I plan meals. I didn't know if anyone else gets this magazine so I just wanted to share since I love it muchly.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Jenni on 15th January 2008
  • Thanks for sharing! I've been cooking at home more recently and have been looking for new recipes that weren't too hard or didn't contain too many ingredients.
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  • I love kraft foods and their website! I just recently made a Chicken Pot Pie and it was awesome!! Their website is packed with great recipes!
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  • Ditto - ONe of the better recipe publications I think. I am a visual person so I love the fact that I can SEE the dish and how it is going to look. (don't ask me why that matters)

    I have found a lot of finger foods and desserts that are especially good - and easy. Before kids I used to love to entertain and I always did all the cooking - I love to pull out all the stops, and I am pretty capable, but I am not a great chef - just good at choosing simple to make, elegant appearing, tasty foods
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Pammy on 16th January 2008
  • Agreed. I get the Kraft mag, too, and I'm always impressed at its high quality. They must pump a lot of cash into producing that thing...on the other hand, they OWN just about every major brand of US processed food, so... Oh, and love the website too.

    Anyway, I often use it for inspiration. But I don't use a lot of the ingredients they suggest - cool whip, meat, velveeta etc. Not my thing. But, as I say, great inspirations.

    I WAS planning to try the recipe in the latest issue for a lemon dessert. It has yellow cake mix and lemon pudding mix in it, with the pudding producing a nice goopy layer. Sounds yummy. I was going to make it for dinner guests last weekend but DH got sick and we had to cancel.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Diane on 16th January 2008
  • I just started getting it too and was excited to try out the recipes. I hope I can convert some to healthy as Kraft isn't all low fat etc. But I don't always cook healthy anyway. Try but not easy with three kids and work, etc.

    My cousin works for Kraft in accounting.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Christy on 19th January 2008
  • Actually, I get it too. I just got one, and I made the Taco Chicken the same day. My hubbie loved it! Some one at my old job told me about it. It's great. mostly cuz it's free. But, yeah it's hard with kids and work. I don't cook healthy much either, but I do try. Does having Steak with pasta count? ha ha!
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