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Do you have one "serious" bag?

  • When I turned 30 (ok, now you know I am at least that old my parents got me a "serious" bag as a gift. I could never bring myself to spend money on bags, so they got me a Cole Haan leather tote, which I love. I only use it for "serious" things, like business meetings, but it's great.

    Anyone else do this?
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  • Feel like I can't answer being that I worked at Cole Haan, and a few others so I am considered a bag lady of sorts.

    I think a special bag is always nice to have & well deserved for all hard working women. Bags like CH last for years. The look doesn't die and they wear well.

    You can wear a look from Targe' and wear a great bag and you look like a million bucks.
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  • I can completely relate! My mom is very "Prada" and I have never been able to bring myself to spend money on purses or shoes. For Christmas 2 years ago she bought me my first Louis Vuitton. I was very thankful, but at the same time this bag cost more than my washer/dryer. I only use it on special occassions. I am guilty of feeling "proud" when I carry it.
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  • I don't have a serious bag. Only because honestly, I take all of my husbands hand-me-downs and he's a messenger bag carrying fool. So, not only are my bags all dingy and used but they are usually very masculine.

    But for some reason my husband has refused to have a serious bag, even now in a very serious position, he still carrys the "urban" messenger bags with stencils on them.

    However, now that I'm in my "Budget Fashionista" project... I have been eyeing some serious bags - there's been a few at Target that I really like!
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  • I have one that I only use for when I dress up. However, I think it cost me about $12 at TJMaxx, so...
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