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  • Recently while looking for work at home, I have developed an interest in Affiliate Marketing. After much research I have decided I want to take a stab at it! It's a whole new world to me and I am interested in networking with other moms interested in Affiliate Marketing and those who are presently involved in it! Affiliate marketing is huge, girls, and so easy to do! Anyone can do it, with the right tools. I would like to share what I know and learn from others so I can become very successful in Affiliate Marketing! Anyone out there who shares this interest?
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  • Very INTERESTED! I just launched a website, and I have Affiliates, I am learning as I go. What Affiliates do you have? I have Google Ad Sense, CJ, Amazon. How long have you been at this?
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  • I always come across affiliate marketing websites. I dont know if it would be a benefit to me. I have a web site but I cant change it, it was given to me by the company I work with.
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  • Hi,

    I also became interested in affiliate marketing and recently launched my first website with affiliates Google Adsense and Amazon. Progress has been slow, I would assume from my lack of experience, and I'm getting a little frustrated. Any success stories or advice for a newbie?
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  • Very much interested in advise!

    I just started a new carrier in Direct Selling and pretty excited that I can finally work from home!

    I would like to learn more about an Affiliate Marketing and how it can help me to expand my business?
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  • Can anyone explain how it works? I think I know but not sure, and dont know where to start.
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  • Hello Ladies,

    Our company offers a take on affiliate marketing. You refer people to our site and you get paid 25% of the sales generated. Our website is It's still fairly new, but so far so good. People just put their name in the comments section and we know who the reference customer is so we pay them. I guess once we get bigger we will use a more sophisticated system. This one is less expensive and works fine so far.
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  • Again, the Affiliate Masters Course from will give you all the information you ever need to become an Affiliate Marketing Guru. It is a very interesting course and easy/fun to read.

    For those of you who already have websites, don't limit yourself to just the official affiliate marketing programs online. Make a list of the vendors who are related to your website and contact them or look on their website for an affiliate program. Sometimes, you may have to go to their site map to find it.

    Once you have your list, call them or e-mail to find out about a program. Most do have one! For example, if your website is all about selling pet supplies, find a pet insurance vendor, a pet fence dealer, etc. and add their affiliate links or banners to your site. They will provide a link that will track your leads/sales and send you a check for your efforts!
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  • Travelmom07,

    Thank you for the advice...I will certainly give this a try!
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  • Affiliate marketing is simply marketing someone else's products. If you have a home based business, that is NOT affiliate marketing. However, if you started a blog about a topic related to your business you could also use affiliate marketing on your blog.

    For example: If you are in a health and wellness business you could set up a blog (for free at and talk about health and wellness topics. Don't talk specifically about YOUR BUSINESS ~ but talk about problems related to your business and provide solutions to those problems. (those solutions of course can include a link to the product that helps solve the problem) ;)

    People come online not looking to buy a product or join a business, but they DO come online looking for a solution to a problem. If you can provide that solution you will convert your readers into sales.

    You could look at commission junction ( or clickbank ( and find other products that would relate to what you are blogging about. Within a post to your blog or in your sidebar you could provide a link to that product.

    Doing this allows you to attract new people to your business ~ both business builders as well as customers, and allows you to make some extra money as you go.

    If you would like more tips and tricks about affiliate and internet marketing check out my blog. Internet Marketing for Mommies


    I believe every mom should be able to stay home with her kids if that's what she wants.
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