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Does your Career dictate your Bag?

  • Because I'm a computer programmer and my main computer is a laptop, I carry around a laptop bag. Yes, I have my purse ( which is usually a tote with much more than what a purse should have in it) and I have my gym bag, but for the most part, for me to function I need my laptop bag.

    My job supplied me with the "standard issued" black briefcase laptop bag that is so boring and probably would get lost with any other laptop bag out there. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE <a href=" .php/masterid=6335648/search=madison%20tote&mode=a bout_mobileoffice&">this bag</a> but frankly, I work for the local goverment and they do not pay me enought to go out and buy this bag. Although, it would be a nice investment.

    So, this leads me to wonder, am I the only one that allows her career to dictate the bag that I am carrying 99% of the time? Or do you break the mold and go out and grab a bag that suits your style?
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  • Nope-my outfit dictates which purse I will carry.
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  • So, I have a bit of a problem with purses. I like different ones for different days, but I always end up leaving something that I need in the purse I am switching from! I do go through phases where I will use one purse for months (probably the bicycle carrier purses, because they have enough space for me to cart materials to different schools. But for someone who loves organization, I am disaster when it comes to keeping my purse organized, let alone properly loaded!
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  • I have a laptop bag that I carry everyday but I could not stick with the black standard laptop bag that came from the company. Like you, I wanted to get a really nice bag but it was not a priority for my finances. So, I got a less expensive version and was able to save my personal style.

    Now I only change my purse for special occassions and seasons. I have a spring/summer bag and a fall/winter bag. Now when I am going out or have a special occasion, I change my bag for that event. Like many others, I would leave things that I needed when I switched purses every day or week. I do invest in a nice purse and I researched what works best for my lifestyle and body style. It has been one of the best decisions that I made.

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  • I am a purse freak!!!

    I love to collect purses and handbags.I change then according to the occasion but for work I prefer to stick to one.

    Earlier I used to carry a laptop bag, a boring black one, to the office but these days i leave my laptop at home. Thankfully I don't have to carry that ugly piece with me anymore.

    For my work I have a cute leather mobile purse which I carry with me everywhere and a bigger purse to have all the other essentials...

    When I am out with my kid, I prefer having just my mobile purse and Big velvet bag to put everything in it.
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  • I am totally addicted to purses and shoes. I like what I like. It doesn't have to be expensive but if it is I get it anyway. I switch out purses on a daily basis to match my outfits. I have a system where they are all stored by color. The one I am using for the day is on the buffet by our front door. When I get dressed for the next day I take that bag into my closet and choose the bag for the day and switch everything out right then and put the other one back in it's place. Right now I'm on the look out for a really nice big tote as I'm taking files back and forth from work. I also have to throw my lunch in there. I haven't found one I like. I'm open to suggestions.
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