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Tips for menu planning

  • I really like this topic! I plan our meals a week in advance. I make enough so my husband can take left overs to work. My todler and I usually have sandwiches for lunch. Lately I started spicing up the meals by getting really easy recipes off the internet so we've been trying lots of new things and my husband is loving it!

    For those mommies that work outside of the home you should check out Not only do they plan your meals a week in advance, they give you the shopping list to go with it according to the store that you shop at. All of this for only $5 a month, totally worth it! I've been getting tons of easy (and affordable) recipes off of too. You can even sign up for their free newsletter and they send you a new recipe every day.

    I think planning meal time saves us a ton of time and money, and it's fun!
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