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  • Hi Everyone,

    I was sort of surprised to see that there wasn't a PPD group already on the site, so I started this one up. Let me introduce myself: I'm mother to a 14 month old daughter who was born 5 weeks premature by emergency c-section. I was diagnosed with PPD about 2 months after she was born. After almost a year, I'm now on the way to recovery, but there are still days when I realize there is more recovery yet to do.

    One of the aspects of PPD that I found so difficult was not having any passion or enthusiasm to work on projects that previously motivated me. Hopefully this group can be a place where working moms can voice their concerns and give advice to each other about balancing it all whilst dealing with PPD>
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  • Apologies for spelling 'introductions' wrong in the title!!
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  • Hi. I do think that I suffered from PPD from 2 months to about 4 months. I was emotional and easily overwhelmed, despite support and help. While I was going through it, I really just that I was going through an adjustment, but in retrospect realize that it was probably a bit more. I thought about talking to my OB, but felt (inappropriately) silly and embarrassed, because she is a friend/colleague and we always had very quick to-the-point visits where she relied on my own medical knowledge and would just ask "is everything okay?." instead of delving more into things. What I really wanted to say is "no, I think something is wrong." I regret now not getting treatment, because I think thinigs would have gotten better quicker if I had done so. My husband and family were incredibly supportive and helped me get through it.

    The funny thing is that before delivery I was very worried that I'd have PPD and tried to watch out for it ... but I think that it can be insidious and sneak up on you which may make it hard to recognize. Not sure.
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  • Hi KC,

    I think that happens to alot of women - they suspect something is wrong but not quite sure how to approach it or don't have the opportunity to. Glad your family was their to support you, but I know what you mean about regretting not getting treatment or dealing with it faster. It's the loss of enjoyment with my child that really gets me down when I look back.

    Thanks for joining the group!
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  • Wow. One of the things I didn't realize was how ya'll say the PPD kicked in around 2 - 4 months! I've just hit 2 months and I've been so tired, irritable, etc. I was thinking it was just PMS because my period hasn't started. But, when I was throwing the bottle against the wall I figured something was up in a hormonal sort of way...
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  • I had exhausting PPD for about 8 months with my 2nd child. It was awful, mostly because I had higher expectations for myself since I already had a 2 yr old. I made some lifestyle changes (i.e. found a new job), got a GREAT therapist, and saw my doctor about anti-depressants. It was great all around once everything was under control again AND I stopped feeling guilty about not taking care of it sooner.
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  • I have a 3 year old who was diagnosed with autism and a new baby who is 2 months old! I feel like most of the time i have to convince myself hat everything is fine, that i have to be the strong one. But i cant do that all the time. I try to get the baby used to the bouncer seat( telling m self its so that when she goes to daycare she will be used to not being held all the time but then i wonder if i really want to hold her all the time. I find my self always giving her to someone else to hold. putting her down to feed herself with a propted bottle! I cry alot, i have had depression all my life but i feel it is worse after my daughter was born! I really want to get better but i feel real alone! My husband helps alot but i dont dare tell him what is really going on. Things are hard enough already! I have never felt this way before and wish things could just be normal~
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