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Natural cough remedies?

  • OK, my poor kiddo will not stop coughing - we're going on day 4 of this and noone is getting much rest. We're doing the steam in the shower, any other natural ideas? (We do give her Triaminic for sleep, but it's not helping that much...)
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  • Oh, poor thing! I've had the worst coughs the last few years and it's brutal when you can't stop coughing. (And now they are saying that cough syrup doesn't even work for adults, so I don't take that anymore. And, of course, as we all know it's a no-no for tots now.)

    I think ibuprofen helps. The airway gets inflamed from all the coughing and it's sort of a self-perpetuating problem, so I read that anti-inflammatories work as well as anything. There was an article a few months ago in the NYTimes about cough treatments and it was suggested there. I tried some Motrin and felt it helped.
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  • My 14 month old just got over a two week cough. We gave up the cough syrup (with all the bad news) and stuck to warm milk and honey and steam showers. Also we avoided any crying (not that I sit and let her cry usually!) but getting upset or crying seemed to really aggravate the coughing. Good luck - coughs are so horrible when babies get them.
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  • We do homeopathic remedies. Here is a website where you can match the remedy with the symptoms that she has. You can get them at any health food store. I hope she starts feeling better!
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  • Nataly, I'm not sure where I read it, but warm honey is supposed to be significantly more effective in young children than cough syrup.

    If the coughing is a result of congestion and mucous, I'd also recommend saline spray for the nose as well as being in a more upright position to sleep.

    Hope she feels well soon!
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  • Duh. I'm an idiot. I posted about ibuprofen and then remembered you asked about _natural_ remedies. Doh. Anyway, I will keep these suggestions in mind. Thanks for that link, mamajama. My and my toddler's head colds have gone from bad to worse - we're awash in tissues. Ugh.

    I will try the honey for myself. But are children under 2 okay to have honey? I know there's a botulism risk if they're babies. Anyone know?
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  • I can't find the original URL, but USA Today works too....anyway, honey is fine for children 1 year and older.
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  • Chicken soup (it really works!-coats the throat), honey in hot water, vapo-rub, and the Shower Steamers in the eucalyptus scent (those are AWESOME for any congestion and for little babies up to adults).
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  • Honey is definitely good. My mom used to make us hot lemonade, basically hot water with lemon juice and honey. It works very well and tastes very good. Another home remedy that we used to use is candy cane . . . not exactly natural, but it works VERY well. Just give her a little piece (like half an inch) to suck on and it soothes the throat and gets rid of the cough almost immediately.We always used peppermint flavor, so I donĀ“t know if another type would work.

    Hope your little one feels better soon.
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  • Hi Guys, I took my son to the docs today for a cough that has lasted 4 weeks they prescribed puffers, she said that if I didn't give it to him then it would not heal beacause his lungs need to be coated in order to heal she said it conditioned the lungs, the side effects of these medications scare the heck out of me.
    Also she said that he looks anemic and he looks under weight and wonders why I am not giving him milk(hes never had milk) How do you guys feel about milk?
    Thanks in advance, any advice is appreciated
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