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husband freak outs and crying while pregnant

  • Does anyone have a good crying story.

    Did anyone's husband freak out when you told him you were pregnant?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Susan on 25th January 2008
  • Okay, so I know I'm not expecting right now, but I do have a really good crying story.

    When I was 7 months pregnant, I was going to a college alumni event, and it was a themed party. I had picked out this gorgeous print dress that my sister had brought back from Africa for me, and I was so excited to wear it. I was having a really hard time feeling pretty in any of my clothes, but I loved that dress. Anyway, my husband helped me get into it (it was a bit tight), and then we were discussing logistics for the evening. Just then, the zipper popped on the back of my dress, and for one second I started laughing. Then my husband started laughing, and that set me off. I burst into tears and ran into the bedroom and threw myself on the bed. It felt very melodramatic....aaahh hormones, gotta love them.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by mamajama on 25th January 2008
  • HA! We were TRYING to get pregnant and my husband freaked when I told him! Like it was a new concept?! He was totally dumbfounded. I think suddenly it was all TOO real...!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by heels on 26th January 2008
  • Ha! Funny. Wish I had a good story, but it's just a mundane crying story...and since you're asking... I had a complete meltdown at my obgyn's office towards the end. I just started sobbing during my visit with him and he really did not know what to say to me. Not helpful! And then I continued to cry after he left the room. I cried as I got dressed. I cried out at the checkout desk. The lovely lady receptionists were so sweet and called me "hon" and asked if I need a huh. I sobbed "n, n, n, no" but really I DID want a hug. Then I left and drove to the nearest park and sat in the car park and bawled my eyes out for about twenty minutes.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Diane on 26th January 2008
  • I knew that I was pregnant a day or so before I told my hubby. In fact, I planned on wrapping a gift like baby toy or baby shoes as a way of telling him. My plan changed, though, when I tried to make an OB appt the next day. My hospital required a positive pregnancy test to even get an appt. I never go to the doc, and didn't know who else to ask, and so emailed my hubby at work and asked him to order a pregnancy test. "For who?" was his clueless response. "Me!" I emailed back. The ordering physician gets the results and so 15 mins later he emailed, "We're pregnant. We're gonna have a baby!"
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by KC on 27th January 2008
  • KC, that's cool! And Diane, I feel that!!! And mamajama, I'm lmao but not at you! Now, heels, my story is like that...

    It was a big snow storm in January and I was going to drive hubby to the train station instead of him biking. At 6 AM we were standing outside the upstairs bathroom and I said I'd be downstairs in a few minutes. He mumbled and went downstairs. I took the test and it said I was pg. I didn't want to tell him I was taking it b/c he always complains how expensive they are and then they come out negative so why bother?

    Well I went downstairs and he was pouring coffee into his thermos. Keep in mind that about 10 minutes have past. He stops pouring, looks at the stick I put in front of his face and said, "I THOUGHT YOU WERE TAKING A DUMP." I wrote that in the baby book.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Mandy Nelson - Dandysound on 27th January 2008
  • Mandy, I had to smile when I read your answer: I think my own hubby would say something like that.

    This question made my think of my labor story. (All part of a "low-key" approach, as my hubby complains, who still doesn't understand why I didn't immediately tell him that I was pregnant)

    My contractions started at 5 in the morning. I knew enough that, as a first pregnancy, I'd be waiting a while before Baby came. So, I got ready for work as usual and left the house without mentioning it to my hubby. (My rationale was that he had a very busy day ahead of him, and even had extended work hours that night, and I didn't want to break that needed concentration with "the Baby is coming ... sometime .... today";) I made it through most of the day and then got spooked that I would be in too much pain to drive home.

    So, I left around 2 ish and worked from home until 5 ish and then finally called my hubby and told him "don't worry ... I'm in labor ... I think I'll be okay until you come home." He, of course, immediately came home. Throughout this time, I called the Triage nurse several times and she kept trying to keep me home with "you really need to be 3 mins apart Go lay down. Drink water", etc.. Finally, I was in too much pain and we drove the 45 mins to the hospital. My husband was gently scolding me that I should be more directive with the nurse and let her know that I am a doctor and these are true contractions ... etc. (I am very low-key about my job, AND it seemed irrelevant because I am not an OB/GYN.) When we arrived, I was promptly admitted to the hospital by 8 and had baby by midnight.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by KC on 27th January 2008
  • KC- My Midwife told me that if I could talk through my contractions that I wasn't ready to come in yet. Turned out that I could talk through EVERYTHING! They were shocked at how far I was when I finally did go in. I told them that I only came in that early to beat rush-hour traffic!!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by heels on 28th January 2008
  • When I found out, we had been trying for 8 months. I thought that I was just sort of sick when I went in to see the doctor. When they asked if I could be pregnant, I said "well, maybe, but probably not." They gave me a test anyway. When the doctor came to talk to me she told me that I wasn't pregnant. I was disappointed, but not surprised. Then the nurse came bustling in and said "Congratulations!" The doctor and I looked at her and said "What?" She looked at us like we were crazy and then said "Oh- did you not want to be pregnant?" I said that yes, of course I did, but that I had just been told I wasn't. She said "Oh! No- you are SURELY pregnant. It just took the full 10 minutes for the results to show. They were light, but definite!"

    I had intended, when the time finally came, to do something special to tell my husband, like park in the spot for pregnant women only at the grocery store. But then, because of the oddity of how I found out, I called my husband on my way home. I was just SO excited that I couldn't stop myself. When I told him, all I heard was silence. I thought the call had been cut off! He was there, but he just didn't know what to say. I was so upset that I cried the rest of the way home. I realize now that he just got slammed with the reality of it, and had none of the hormonal attachment I already was feeling. There was no physical change for him, as there was for me, but his life was no less changed at that moment. It was not the reaction I hoped for, but it was a good one none-the-less. It meant that he was really taking his new responsibility seriously, as he has continued to do since our son was born.
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