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Want to Exchange Links?

  • If you are interested in exchanging website links with other like businesses, please indicate your contact information and type of business you are in.
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  • Good evening! I would love to exchange links with you. I just launched a website- It is a web site that features articles, tips, recipes, etc. for moms. I look forward to hearing from you!- Holly
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  • Excellent! Please send me your logo and web location and I can set it up

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  • Hi there!!

    So I'm curious, what are you doing with our info? Do you have a site that you're promoting our businesses on??

    I don't have a logo really, but I work with a greener company. My website is:

    People can go there to take a HealthyHomeTour. Here they will gain information on what chemicals they have in their home. Then they can request info from me and I can introduce them to my company that manufactures and sells wellness products that are safer and healthier for us to use.

    Thanks for this opportunity!
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  • I am interested in bringing business in and promoting other mom's businesses. I am offering a logo link from my website to yours and visa versa. Let me know if you're interested.

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  • Oh I wish I could do that!!! I can't put other banner ads on my site!! I was just thinking about that today.

    Oh well!!
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  • OK I CAN do that!! I just looked into it. I would LOVE to exchange links with you guys. I am part of a support team of hundreds of moms working from home. So send me your links!!

    My email is

    I will need you to send me the file, the web address, and a description. I will send you guys mine!

    This is so exciting! What a way to be able to support each other!
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  • Awesome! I have posted your logo on my site. I will add the link tomorrow...(I am beat!) but at least it's there. I will send you my info directly to you.

    Talk to you later!!

    Brooke Stockton
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  • Hi Brooke!

    I saw my banner there! How exciting is that?? I noticed that the link didn't work though, but now I'm seeing your message here. Did I send you my link?

    I am also on my site where I can also post yours, and it appears my founders have to help me with a couple of glitches. It's not major technical problems, so it should easily be fixable. It's not something to the point where I can't post your picture or banner though. So still send me your picture, description, title (name) , and the link address.

    Have a good night!

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  • I am a stay home mom and wife of a wonderful family. My husband, Marty and I have four amazing children my three handsome boys are 9,7 and 5 and our beautiful daughter is 17.We had a few set backs in our family,the major set back was when my 9 year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age six years old. When that had happen I had no choose but to quit my job and learn everything I could about taking care of my sons diabetes. It has been three years now and my son is doing well today I decided not to go back to work so I can be available for my son. This was when I made my decision to find a business that I can work from home

    Scented Gourmet Candles

    Come And Join My Company

    Colleen Murray

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