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Exercise fads - confess!

  • Whatever happened to tae-bo? It was so big in the 90s! Jazzercise, Jane Fonda, exercise gliders, cardio stripping. Oh dear... What are some of the fads you've tried over the years? Did any of them work for you? Any you stuck with until the present time? Please share!
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  • I tried "The Firm", which I still break out every now and again.

    I'm doing "Walk At Home" with Leslie Sansone now as well.

    Both of these are still ones I think I'd use for a while to come!
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  • I remember doing Jane Fonda aerobics tapes for swim team pre-season conditioning in high school. These were brought in by other girls & we all did them together. I will not claim this as my idea.

    My mom also made me do step aerobics with her a couple times. I was not coordinated enough.

    I tried rollerblading in high school, but could never stop without wrecking. Just tossed the blades last year. It never really caught on in KS anyway.

    Spinning was fun. I would still do that, but I work out at home now. I still like the big fitness ball too, but I bought a DVD last year that was super-awful. I'm still onto the P90X stuff and the treadmill. I have owned 2 treadmills, so I must like them. Oh, also still on the jogging stroller bandwagon. I wish I could get back into the mountain biking trend. We never found time to hit the trails after our second kid, but I still have the bike.
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  • Ooh, I forgot water aerobics. My mom dragged me to this too. Just what a teenage girl wants - working out at a public pool with a bunch of 60 year old ladies!
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  • I used to have a thigh master but I never used it enough for it to do anything. Currently I workout using my home gym, elliptical, hula hoop and exercise/stability ball.
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