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If a dream job came along, would you take it and quit your business?

  • If a dream job came along, would you take it? Assume that is THE DREAM JOB (whatever that dream job is for you!). Would you quit your current business? Would you still do your business on the side?
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  • Hellzya, I'd take it! It's pretty similar to what I'm doing anyway so that's easy for me but a good question. I'm interested in knowing what circumstances would limit others from taking their dream job.
  • if it paid well and was my dream job? of course! i can't imagine why you wouldnt! because any reason that would keep you from taking it would mean it isn't your dream job, right?
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  • is a dream job better than or equal to working for yourself (having your own buisness, being your own boss)?

    To play devil's advocate, it may be a dream job but you will be working for someone, not yourself...

    I am curious what you guys think.
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  • I think for some people working for someone else is better. For those of us who have done it/do it you know how hard it is to maintain. There are times I do think it would be nice to have someone else keep track of the paperwork, the taxes, the invoicing, etc. But then, I guess it were part of the dream job then I'd have people taking care of that, too! Oh, good question SK! Darn're making me have to think too hard.
  • I sort of did. I traded my flexible schedule of 360 days to a structured one for 180 with summers off. Teaching isn't my dream job, at least not yet. Maybe if I ever finish my Master's and get to be a Professor, then I would feel differently about the direction education is going in the U.S.

    I guess at this moment, my dream job would be for Kid Prints to take off like gangbusters. You can always wish for something better, but when you get it, there's a whole host of other issues that come with it. I think it's true, be careful what you wish for;)
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  • Okay, I have to confess, I asked this question because it is happening to me right now. I have this business that is my baby and I have just been offered a dream job! a DREAM JOB.

    I will keep you updated!
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  • SK - that's exciting! It's not happened to me and the only thing I would say is -- at least in my case -- sometimes the grass seems greener somewhere else because you're taking the daily punches from being a small business owner. But what I try to think about is the fact that getting a business off the ground is almost impossible and if you're already on your way, maybe it deserves some more time
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  • Nataly, I have decided to do both. I cannot give this opportunity for a dream job! It is to create and run a new division. It has start-up feel with big corp funds. I gotta do it. I will not be able to sleep until I do it.

    So, I have decided to do both. I will give you details later - gotta go spend time with my sons!
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  • Congrats on your new position! I hope you'll still find time for WIM so we can follow along with the details. Do you have to relocate? That would be a tough decision to make. Best of luck!
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