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  • Hello!

    I recently launched my web "presence" of my children's clothing line. Can someone give me feedback on both the product and the site design? Thank you SOOOOOO much!!

    Brooke Stockton

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  • Great concept!! I love your logo. Too cute Your products make me wish my kids were young again. Well younger (9 and 7). I'll share with some of my younger Mom friends.
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  • Hi there!

    I have just started a clothing line where we hand-dye garments (not tie-dye though) and add my design to the front (using heat transfers, not hand painted)!!

    I took a look at your site (and noticed you are also using prostores) and it looks great!

    I did get a blank page when I went to "policies" though and did not see any FAQ's (such as how long before you get your order, what about sales tax....just all the "usual" type questions. I also could not "click" on your links at the bottom of the home page.

    Your prices are high, but I am assuming that you have set those based on selling in boutiques etc. and the fact that every item is hand-painted.

    The pics on your site are nice and clear and the logo is lovely!!

    Good luck!!

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  • Very cute! Love the name and the logo and the clothes. I have a boy that is in size that is a bummer!

    Here are a couple of suggestions:

    On the home page, maybe have more pictures and features of the clothing, February special, etc. Then for all the information you now have on the home page, put on an "About Us" page. You want to get your visitors excited from the first visit. Thought your party packages were a cute idea too!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Shelleen McHale on 11th February 2008
  • THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! You ladies rock! I have made quite a few changes to the site and added more products (I do so every day!) so, Shelleen, that 4T might be out there and custom orders is always an option.;)

    Thanks again!

    Brooke Stockton

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  • This is a great concept that you have going on here! What a great idea! Only thing I can think of, is maybe add more product to your front page. I know when I did that on my website, it made all the difference in the world with the length of time people stayed on my site, and whether or not they made a purchase. Just a suggestion.

    I wish you the very best of prosperity in your venture! Peace & blessings!
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  • Hi Brooke,

    Congratulations on launching your business. Your logo and color scheme are really pretty. As an ecommerce site owner, I would suggest a couple of things:

    1. Read a book called "Don't Make Me Think"

    2. Limit your homepage to one screen--if customers have to scroll down, they lose interest and usually leave.

    3. Make your site areas more visible by adding tabs that say "About Us", "Shop Now", "Contact", etc.

    I wish you the very best of luck!

    Heather Allard
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