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Do you even TRY to work while your kids are awake?

  • I have almost given up trying to work while my toddler is up during the day. I will A) go to a cafe or shut myself in a quiet room while DH watches her or B) maybe get something done while she naps. But mostly its C) wait until she's gone to bed for the night. (Like now!) Didn't want to opt for C because I'm not really a nighttime persons - or so I thought. I guess this is how moms end up being nighttime people, huh?!

    Basically, it's impossible to concentrate with a 1 1/2 year old pulling at my pants, pinching my thigh to get my attention (yes, she does that - charming...), crying when I stop her from whacking the laptop's keys, climbing onto the windowsill, trying to stack crayons on the dogs, etc etc.

    What about everyone else?
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  • I definitely have to wait for my husband to watch her, or for her to be asleep about 98% of the time. Sometimes I can get a whole stack of toys that she hasn't played with for a while. Then I put her in the highchair and hand her the toys one at a time and can get 30-45 minutes worth of work done. But it only works when she's really really happy. And this week is out because we are dealing with teeth. She screams if I even turn my back, and she wants to nurse 24/7....but that's another story.
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  • Oh, mine is teething, too. She is a lot older than your baby, I think. She's 15mo now. But she was very late to start teething. Her fourth molar just came in, and she's got another front one come in as well. She's been very unhappy. Ugh. It's exhausting. On the bright side, I'm so happy to hear another mom say that her baby screams when she turns her back. I'm glad I'm not the only one going through this.
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  • Another teething toddler here...if I could just fit her in a sling to nurse still (sigh). I can't even (and don't want to) clean while she's awake.
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  • relaxnsmile, I sometimes used to put baby in the cling to nurse. Then I could push a swing, bake a cake, etc.

    Ladies, it gets easier! Not easy, so don't get your hopes up, but it does get easier. With my 1st, who is now 3, I could only work when she was asleep. I couldn't work when someone else had her b/c for the first 6 months she didn't want anyone else to hold her. #2 was a lot more laid back and was happy to be near me and big sis who could, at 18 months by the time her sis was born, entertain herself a lot longer. Baby is almost 21 months and into everything so I have to be more diligent when home alone with them and trying to work. I love when they play in big sis's room and close the door! I have the monitor on my desk and we all get to have a good time.

    And now they both love having a sitter come over or especially when Papa is home which is great for me. The oldest is a real Daddy's girl and will always (unless she's sick) choose him. LOVE THAT! Right now they are watching Mary Poppins and I was able to check email, check in here, change the laundry and dinner is on. Whooops, and just when it seemed I had it all under control, baby is climbing over the back of the couch and falling onto her sis to torture her. But it does get easier!
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  • Does it really get easier? I have 4 year old twins that demand constant attention (fighting over a toy as I type). Then, if that wasn't enough, my husband and 12-year-old daughter run throughout the house screaming and chasing each other all the time. So. . .(sigh) I have to find each of them an activity while I'm working!
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  • Well - I have 2 months old so I have to be ready to drop anything I'm doing and attend to him! So i don't do any conference calls when i'm at home. That means I can get 5 min here and there on my computer. Other then that - no chance of getting much done!
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  • On the Go Mom, it gets easier, really. Well, sort of. I've kind of given up on asking my husband to watch the kids so I can work... invariably, one or more of them end up seeking me out, or I hear screaming in the distance and can't concentrate...

    I've had to work with the kids awake lately, because my 3-year-old has her gazillionth cold/flu of the season and is home from school. There was a great disussion filled with tips from members about how they get work done when the little ones are up and about. Here's the link:

    When my babies were tiny, I found I could actually get more done because they'd nurse while I typed (madly, and one handed, but still). I can stillg et stuff done with my 3-year-old around because she's fairly independent and is very happy "working" alongside me with paints or markers. My 15-month-old though... there's a reason why we all call him "The Menace." He's the sweetest little boy imaginable, but mischevious, curious, and ridiculously strong, so he gets into everything. It's hard to get anything done if he's up...
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  • Thanks Lylah for the tips. I'll have to put some of those to good use!
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  • I honestly can't. I work from home a couple days a week but I end up taking my 18-month-old to daycare those days for at least 4-5 hours so I can concentrate and work. I can get a full day's worth of work done in that time and then the rest of the day, when he is there, I just answer phone calls and emails that need an urgent response. He is very intolerant of me or his dad doing anything but paying attention to him when he's awake (my mom says this is a classic Leo trait so really "working" when he's here and he's awake is pretty much impossible.
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