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Let's tally up how we did in January

  • Okay, so New Year's seems like it was a million years ago, and I don't think that January was only a month long this year. So how did you do on your small goals for January? I did finish my baby blanket, and want to post a picture, but that isn't possible at the moment (computer issues). So you will all just have to take my word for it. I actually finished with about 10 days to spare and was really proud of myself. I think I like this small goal setting thing. Can't wait to hear all of your responses!!!
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  • Good idea to do this -- and good reminder to start posting our Feb small goals tomorrow

    I actually did well, and very proud of myself. My goal was not just small, but tiny -- to eat more leafy greens and try new things like broccoli rabe and chard, two things we'd never made. Happy to report that we've eaten each a few times and liked them, so they are now part of our regular rotation.
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  • I had two goals for this month:

    1) 45 minutes of exercise 6 days a week.

    2) Change my morning menu to something a wee bit healthier than a bagel with peanut butter every! single! day!

    I am now drinking protein shakes every morning after my workout (6am). The shakes keep me filled up until about 10am so at that point I have some fruit, low-fat yogurt or a Fiber One breakfast bar.

    Taking out my week of being sick I averaged 43 minutes of exercise 6x a week for the month of January. I am pretty happy with that!!!
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  • Ugh! I held up my end of the bargin of keeping the house clean, but I failed to take into account that I would need DH's help to keep the house a working mommy I can't do it all by myself!!!

    Next 11 goals will be things I can 100% control!
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  • My goal was to start Menu Planning Mondays (to plan a meal on Sunday for Monday)- I have to say it didn't work out quite as well as I had hoped...Sundays are still recovering from the weekend, and I just couldn't get it done in time. On the bright side, I did drag out my crockpot twice, once making my favorite and super easy roast chicken. I also spent some time reading about menu planning on the web. So I'll give myself 50%!
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  • My goal is to get my son to sleep through the night! I've been training him for the past few days and working hard to get him on a regular schedule! So my goal for Feb to get this nailed down!!! wish me luck
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  • Kathy -- I just discovered the FiberOne bars -- love the oats and chocolate ones! My regular new snack
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  • I did okay for Jan. The boys don't have everything on the walls, but we are buying a new bed for the oldest so that was my excuse to not finish the room.

    For this month I will begin the search for a new nanny and hopefully find a few candidates that will work with our crazy family. I have a feeling this goal will be around for March, but I have to start now.
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  • I did get most of my craft/sewing stuff organized. Mainly, I got it contained in a small area (not spread all over the house) and it is roughly organized into plastic containers/drawers. I consider that progress!!
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