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February Goals -- Post your small goals here!

  • Is it too late to start a February goal? Okay, then March then. In the meantime, I vow to not finish the rest of my son's 7th birthday sheet cake in the kitchen, just steps from my kitchen.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Karen Webb on 26th February 2008
  • Oh dear. I hate to reveal how disorganized (swamped?) we are, but we have not done our wills as planned. The stack of papers still sits on my desk. The up-side is, we are almost done with our taxes and I have investigated how to get my daughter a passport, which is another big thing on my to-do list. (My parents are in New Zealand and although I don't have plans to go over there anytime soon - sadly - I think we should be ready to travel if there was an emergency.) But this will thing is really weighing on me. I guess I'll have to transfer it to my March-to-do list.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Diane on 26th February 2008
  • I said I'd do two/week. I did about half that. Sigh. What I've discovered is that I don't know where to look, but as the weeks went by with me, I admit, only paying partial attention to this goal, I began to strategize for ways to find the places. I am confident that next month I will be more effective.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by MaryP on 29th February 2008
  • ugh... even with the extra day in the month, i missed out on setting a goal and subsequently accomplishing it for february. oh well, onwards to march!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by designmom on 1st March 2008

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