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Lost season premiere

  • Anyone see it? I thought it was great! So many new questions to think about (instead of working). Last season had some ups and downs but I really like the end of last season and so far the beginning of this one. Can't wait for more!!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by sdbab on 1st February 2008
  • I watched it, and really enjoyed it. I wanted more as usual. I'm really wondering how what the choice that they made (going with Jack or Locke) will affect who gets off the island. My husband is predicting that this season will be all flash forwards rather than flash backs. It's nice to be excited about something that's on...the past couple of months have been really boring TV with the writer's strike.
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  • I like the flash forwards. I have been reading theories about who is included in the 6 that got off the island. Obviously Jack, Kate, and Hurley. Desmond said he had a premonition of Claire getting on a helicopter, so she must be in there. If I had to guess the rest, i will Sun and Sawyer. but this show always surprises me, so who knows!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by sdbab on 1st February 2008
  • I am soooooo addicted to this show. I agree that this season will all be flash forwards, and it's a little more challenging trying to put the story together backwards. I think these new people might be the dharma initiative's next generation trying to reclaim the island. But I still want to know where the heck the polar bears are coming from and what in the world is that black cloud monster!! I am a little heart broken because I always loved Charlie and I'm gonna miss him too. Can't wait until next week.
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  • I agree babs, I loved Charlie's character. He was so rough at first and turned into this compassionate partner for Claire.

    This season has opened more doors with the premiere than were left open in the finale. How did John know what Desmond said about Charlie's hand? He was NOT on the beach when Des returned. What the heck aren't they 'going to tell' regarding Jack and Hurley's conversation at the mental hospital? How many people are left on the island since Charlie's ghost said 'they need you'? Jack looks so well composed right now, what happens that makes him the drunken guy we saw on the finale? I still want to know who died on the finale that made Jack so upset.

    I think this season will be mostly flash forwards but after we finally see who gets off the island and what all happens with that, I'm thinking the flash forwards will probably turn into the present and how the survivors that got back are trying to return to the island.
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  • I didn't see it. I see it was great though!
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  • Loved it! I couldn't wait for it to start. Did you watch the one with the popups (end of last season) LOL! I didn't realize that there were popups cuz I was multitasking while 'watching' it-so I was just listening to it. Then when I noticed the popups I felt like a dummy cuz I missed them. Fortunately I recorded it. So I can catch up on the little secrets they gave away on it.
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  • I watched it and really loved it. I actually enjoyed the pop up at the bottom of the screen on the first night. It was easier to catch up this way. I am so excited about this new season.
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