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Computer skills up to scratch?

  • Changing jobs or going back to work after staying home with kids? Amazing how rusty your computer skills get, huh? Do you agree? What have you done to try and stay current with new software or new functions in updated software? Example: the changes in Windows Vista where nothing is where it used to be and all the little icons have been redesigned and relocated! Eeek!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Diane on 7th February 2008
  • LOL you just gotta keep using it!! i have heard that Office 2007 is a HUGE change and even my IT counterparts had to look stuff up when they got stumped! BUT they also said it is fantastic and soooooo much better than 2003...

    i think you have to think of it as a fun way to keep your brain in check and learn new things!

    i have vista too!
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  • One item of note. . .if you don't keep your skills up to date, please don't put them on your resume. I assure you that the version you used in 2000 is not the same as in 2008 : )

    I get resumes where people claim to know XYZ, but they haven't used it in 5+ years. Not to say you can't learn on the job, but at least give your hiring manager an idea of what they will need to train you in.

    LOVE office 2007! Didn't think I would, but it's awesome.
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