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Your Kids and their Future

  • Now that we have entered an unprecedented global market where India and China are surpassing America in producing engineers and graduates with essential management skills, we find that America, still leaning on a traditional public education curriculum, born of an industrial age and designed to teach kids to be lifetime employees, falls behind.

    Do you think American public education should be enhanced to include business and entrepreneur lessons at a younger age? If not, how do you think we should raise our children to compete in tomorrow's marketplace?

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  • I have pretty radical ideas about education. I think that kids should be allowed to explore their environment and find what sparks them. Parents and teachers should be responsible for creating lessons out of life. My sister and I were homeschooled during my middle school years. During that time my sister wanted to make some money. My Dad ended up helping her come up with a business plan which she executed. The skills that she learned along the way were invaluable. So yes, I think that we need to have business and entrepreneurial skills integrated into our schools, but I'm not sure if lessons is the way to do that.
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  • mamajama I guess I am right outside the box WITH you! The thing that makes me NUTS with our educational system is the need to book teach everything - what happened to creativity and passion? WHY can;t you build a model airplane to teach reading comprehension, physics, gemonetry, history . . . .

    The best teacher I had was actually a lousy teacher (and drunken womanizer-I digress), but I took a year of history with him that year we learned about the political system - it was incredible becuase HE had been inthe political arena and his passion for it was contagious to his students as he taught, as we had moc elections, etc. I hated history of any kind - except THAT year. It was his spark that ignited all of us.

    Teachers need to ignite a spark, create a passion - and I know that is not necessarily easy as the same spark doesn't ignite everyone but I see too much by the book curriculum and not enough real world practical lie education.

    This is why I love the Odyessy of the Mind program - our school has just started it again 2 years ago - thanks to a new superintendent and great teacher.

    Educationally the USA is way behind.
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  • I think teaching our kids additional languages (Spanish, German, Chinese, etc) will give them an edge in the global marketplace. I also completely agree with Pammy and mamajama. Book driven lessons and long lectures are not engaging our children to actually THINK! or DO! We cannot afford to lose their attention in the classroom and our educational system needs to figure out how to step-up and engage our kids.
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  • I was homeschooled, my entire life, and I intend to do the same with my boys. The school system really isn´t made to take advantage of a child´s natural interest in learning. Lessons are important to a certain extent, but for my kids, I plan to teach them via experiments and real life experience as much as through books. Those of you with older kids might be interested in Fascinating website with interviews with kids who are already making money with their own business . . . I plan to use it to inspire my boys in a few years!

    They have a head start on the language thing, since I´m Canadian and their dad is Guatemalan. We live in Guatemala, but my boys speak English and Spanish.
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