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Pinching Mom

  • My little one has started doing something that is not cute. While she's nursing she will get excited because I'm talking to her or smiling at her or for an unexplained reason. Then she'll reach up and get a handful of my breast and pinch the crap out of it. I know she doesnt' understand what she's doing but eeeeeeooooouuuch!! Last night I started telling her no and removing her hand whenever she did it. I don't know if it's working yet or not, but I was wondering if anyone else had experienced this?
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  • I've had that happen with my boys, and what I did was hold his hand while he was nursing till the temptation passed to pinch, or I would cover my breast with my hand so he couldn't reach any skin to pinch.

    If nothing worked, then the nursing time stopped, and I would sit him on the floor saying firmly, "Don't hurt mommy!" After a minute or two, if he was crying and still wanting to nurse, we would try again. But if he pinched again, that was the end for now.

    I found that the pinching stopped pretty quickly once I was firm that I would never allow it.

    Catherine from Frugal Baby Tips
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  • You'd be surprised what they can understand at such a young age! Catherine is right, be firm and consistent. Just like when they bite and you pull their little head in and say NO really loud. Scares them but they get the point and it doesn't hurt them. Both of my girls did it and it passed w/in a week b/c I was firm. She's just trying to figure out everything! My youngest just went through the hitting and biting mommy phase. Lasted a week and was done.
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  • My 2nd was such a sensitive soul - the first time he bite me, I yelled "ouch!" really loud, and he went on a week-long nursing strike! Took a lot of coaxing to bring him back to the breast. But he had a lot going on that week, teething, my ex-Dh left us and an upset mommy.

    But my 3rd, he wouldn't let go no matter how much I yelled - I would cram my finger in trying to get him to break the suction and he bite harder! So I learned to pull him in, basically suffocating him, so he had to let go to breathe. But then I would put him down, and refuse to nurse, and he eventually got over the biting, thank goodness!

    Catherine from Frugal Baby Tips
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  • My son is a pincher too...I hold his hand away when he gets into pinching, or cover up more so he can't find skin to pinch. Thing is, he loves skin, so he pets my colar alot when he's nursing, and so he gets upset if I cover all the way up. Anyway, I agree, pulling his hand away and saying ouch, or That hurts mommy....
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