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New Sources of Funding for Small Businesses

  • Okay, aside from SBA loans, friends/family, venture capital, credit card, personal savings, what OTHER ways do you know for funding small businesses? List any and all that you are aware of here so that other business owners can benefit.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by SK on 13th February 2008
  • Grants?
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  • You could try to connect with an Angel Network. There are local chapters that are always looking for investment opportunities. I've looked into this myself, but I didn't need that much money, so no one would even consider me.

    Another place is with your state. There are special grants given to women business owners.

    Hope this helps
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  • There is a growth of peer to peer lending. Check out the artilce in Ode magazine: e-bank

    Check out and for micro-loans from peer to peer lending.
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