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I need motivation

  • I won't complain too much, but I need motivation. I haven't worked out in six months, and it shows. My schedule is hectic (just like everyone else). I work at night, so I snack late!! I am home during the day. I need to start working out. I have a library of tapes, but I can't get my butt moving. I plan on starting a walking routine because my fifteen month old is still really good in the carriage. Anyone else need motivation? The only thing that is going well is that I usually waitress three nights a week-so I am moving around. However, when I get home I snack snack snack. Help!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Christine on 23rd February 2008
  • Hi, Christine! First of all, there's been a great discussion about this over at The 36-Hour Day. Here's the link: 2/18/when-can-i-work-in-a-work-out/

    Second: I'm still working on the work-out part, but as for the snacks, the only thing I've found that helps me is simply to not have them around. If you need to buy them for your husband or your children, try to keep them somewhere inaccessable -- I keep lunch-box snacks in our basement pantry -- and out of sight, to cut down on the temptation! But don't cut out snacking entirely... healthy snacks (think fruit, carrots, etc) and calorie-free liquids (like green tea) to fill you up will help...
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  • Christine you're not alone! I need motivation, too, so I started a weekly check in this group. I thought that if I put my intentions down for others to see, not just keep them in my head, that I would step up. And it's worked!

    I also know that if you're on a different schedule, not 9-5, then you have to plan your meals and snacks accordingly. Just write it all down. What time you get up, the times you are working, the times you are sleeping, commuting, etc. Figure out on EACH DAY when and what you should eat. It's tough and will take a little time but if you make the effort it will work. It's one more thing to add to your schedule but if it really is important than you will just step up for yourself.

    There is lots of help and support here so keep checking in!! And welcome to WIM!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Mandy Nelson - Dandysound on 23rd February 2008
  • Hi Christine, I know how you feel about the weird "shift work" stuff and late night snacking. (I work a rotating shift) While I know it is hard, and believe me, nothing is exactly foolproof, what works for me is when I get home after work, as I am going for the snack, I ask myself, "Am I really hungry?" If the answer is "Yes" then I go ahead and eat (I try to make it a healthy snack which should be readily available). Most of the time, the answer is "no" and I am looking to snack to ignore something else (either I am very tired or I am stressed from work) If that is the case, I try to find out what that reason is and deal with that with out the food (by going to sleep, going for a walk, watching TV or playing with my daughter.) It seems to work for me...Hang in and dont give up!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Officermom on 23rd February 2008
  • Hi Christine.. When I worked 11-7 I would plan my meals/snacks, etc. I would act as though it was still the day time and eat my normal "breakfast", "lunch" & dinner with the heavier meal first and then lunch and breakfast Once I got the kids off, I would make dinner for the day and then go to bed.. try to get my workout in before their activities in the evening tuck them in and get ready for work.

    Motivation is hard BUT think about WHY yuo want to do it and that should help!
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  • It's so hard with today's busy schedules to find time to workout. I usually try to fit in a little here and a little there. For example, when I'm working on my computer, I take stretch breaks or squats breaks. Or when I'm cooking, I might do a few squats while standing in front of the stove.

    For a longer workout, I walk. It's my time to think, reflect, and plan. I'm a big fan of multi-tasking.....................
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