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Did you adopt your child/children here in the US?`

  • Or did you go for an international adoption? Why?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Diane on 25th February 2008
  • I adopted here in the US. It was a simple decision, my husband doesn't fly.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Diane on Tuesday
  • I adopted my son from Guatemala nearly 3 years ago - amazing how fast the time passes - in the blink of an eye. I had always been drawn to the Mayan culture and my heart led me to my son's birth country with no indecision about it - one of those rare times in life that you know for sure the choice you have made is so right and no second guessing.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Cre8tiv on Wednesday
  • I adopted my daughter through a domestic private adoption. Her birth mom lives across town and we have a fully open adoption.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Dawn Friedman on 29th May 2008
  • We adopted our daughter domestically with the help of an adoption attorney. We decided to try to adopt here in the U.S. first, then we were ready to attempt adoption through an agency dealing with China adoptions. After some fake birthmothers (girls pretending to be pregnant, mainly for attention) and about 18 months of submitting ads and online profile subscriptions, a real birthmother found us (ironically, through the least expensive ad we had placed). Three weeks later our newborn daughter was in our arms!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by sabrina's mom on 21st February 2011

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