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Need some feedback/advice/tips!

  • Hi all,

    I sell brightly colored infant/toddler clothing online and have had so much great feedback on this here I am again!!

    I am currently working with another Mom to create beautiful gift packaging....our goal is to approach gift stores (mainly in hospitals & touristy areas) and sell them a lovely pre-packaged baby gift (for showers, newborn babies, something to take home for a friends baby from your vacation etc).

    I desperately need some advice:

    1. Any tips on approaching the gift stores? Should I stick to a minimum purchase or just accept whatever they offer? Do I try "on consignment" type sales?

    2. Do you think a rough price (we are still refining our price points) of $20-$25 is reasonable in terms of a lovely package, with small card, newborn onesie, diaper cover and possibly small stuffed animal or pacifier?

    3. Do you think I should offer the same type of thing on my website as well?

    Any/all advice and ideas would be great appreciated! I have so many ideas on how to build my business and I am trying to slowly focus, focus on one at a time (otherwise I just don't get any of them done!!).


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  • 1. I would make a min purchase of 3 pks. You can offer a 3 pk multi color or like 1 pink, 1 blue and 1 green. If you take whatever they throw at you it could mean a little bit of spinning your wheels. As far as consignment - I think it should be depend upon the retailer. Meaning if it is a retailer you "REALLY' want to be a part of then first try and sell the 3 pks and if they resist then I would go with the consignment approach.

    2. I think the $25.00 price point is a fair price if you include everything from as stated above.

    3. I don't think it would hurt to offer the same on your website.

    It sounds like a great idea and I wish you the best of luck.
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  • Cute products and I agree that the price point seems on target (even underpriced to me, I imagine the stores will mark it up). Good luck!
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  • Thanks Ladies! I live in Orlando and there are tons of gift stores selling all kinds of I figure I HAVE to try and harness that somehow!!

    I really appreciate your feedback!

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  • Adorable clothes. Love the colors!! My only suggestion would be to have a very clear, concise and attractive info sheet or packet summing up the options for retailers interested in buying. I wouldn't necessarily put the prices on there, but if you can make it easy to purchase, you are more likely to make a sale. Especially if you have to speak initially with a worker who will then pass in onto the boss. That's just my two cents...FWIW...

    Good luck!
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  • Hi Linda,

    Doing business with a brick&mortar store is different from running your own e-store. Your first goal when you want to get in a b&m store is TO GET IN and STAY IN. You get in using a strategy and stay in making sure that your merchandise is on demand.

    Therefore, there are different strategies to ENTER THE STORE:

    - consignment is the easiest one for the store owner (and less involving) -- I would only keep this as Plan B

    - straight sale is better for you -- so try this as Plan A. But first, make sure that your offering is unique/different (explore the stores first to see what they currently sell) and has great chance to sell. Make sure that the store owner gives you a decent real estate in the store to expose your merchandise.

    Once you are in and you recorded some sales, ask for some advertising space in store to expose your offering on posters, leaflets, etc. (for increasing demand/sales).

    If you want to create a bigger demand for these packages (think about shipping first, before you decide whether to sell them on-line or not!) offer them on-line as well. If you want to turn this line into a b&m shop line, and sell this story (exclusive in-store offering) with the store owners, then don't.

    As far as pricing is concerned, this is really not something one pulls out of a hat, but should be calculated based on the targeted gross/net margin for each product.

    If you want to make 5 USD per sale, you should add up all costs (direct & indirect) and see where it gets you. If what you see seems too high, maybe you should rethink your offering.

    Looking at this from the other direction -- as a potential buyer - 20-25 USD seems like a reasonable amount, but I would not start from here, but from a price structure calculation.

    All the best!
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  • I love that you have ORANGE!! Does anyone else realize how difficult it is to find ORANGE baby clothes?! Myfriend was having a boy around Halloween and thought it would be cute to have a black and orange baby shower. Well, no one could find anything orange other than Halloween specific clothing and that's pretty much good for one day.

    I love the colors and I think the gift package you mentioned including the onesie etc... is a wonderfully priced at $25. I do think you should offer those on your website. They would probably sell more in a gift set than single pieces.

    Don't forget to throw in a business card (or magnet which seems so popular with the things I order) to remind your customer to come back to your store. I have a small collection of them on my refrigerator that my daughter loves because of the cute designs on them. The Silly Wagon and The Trendy Tadpole do this for sure, I can't remember the others. If you take care in packaging, this also makes a huge impact on the buyer. If anyone has ever ordered from The Silly Wagon, Whitney appears to take a lot of time and care putting the package together. She even throws in coloring sheets and crayons sometimes for your little one at no charge. Eventhough her stuff is a little more expensive, I like buying from her because of that feeling of appreciation.
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  • Thanks Ladies!

    Lorena -- I appreciate all the advice on how to get into the stores! I never really thought about "where" they would place out items -- great point! As far as pricing goes, we have done exactly that....worked out to the penny what it will cost us and how much we need to make off each package. Now we just need to determine if thats a reasonable amount to ask!

    Marcia --thats so funny! Orange is one of our best selling colors...and a lot of the time its for boys...very interesting!! I love the idea of a magnet and will definitely look into it..right now we are adding a rubber duckie with each sale (as something small for the kiddie). Thanks also for pointing me to a couple of other sites...I love looking to see what others have/are doing!

    I really appreciate all the advice and feedback...its always so helpful to have a sounding board!

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  • Hi Linda,

    Good luck with everything. Keep me up to speed on how things are going!

    All the Best,

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